What is Clickshare & How Should I Use It?

If you are looking for a tool that simplifies conferencing and content sharing, Barco Clickshare is definitely one to consider. We all know how much time is wasted waiting for people to successfully join meetings and share content so any new tech you are introducing into the biz in this context – needs to be easy to use, a solution that minimises technical difficulties and one that will keep your meetings going without a hitch.

Obviously different individual and corporate set-ups will influence your choice of solution. Clickshare offers a wireless conferencing and presentation option and it’s great if you need to improve the flow of your online meetings. But let’s take an in-depth look at what Barco Clickshare has to offer so that you can decide for yourself if it will work for your business……

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What is Clickshare? 

Clickshare by Barco is an innovative technology that promises to help ease you into the new (and now common) territory of hybrid working. As we move into the post-COVID reality of hybrid teams and work schedules that don’t depend on geo-location, our meetings are changing and so is the way that we interact with our co-workers, suppliers and clients.

Gone are the days of gathering the full team into one in-person conference room. In practice many employers are now obliged to accommodate hybrid working practices and virtual team collaboration. So, it’s no surprise that the established brands like Barco are leading the way in meeting the demand for simple, effective tech that suits hybrid working.

Clickshare provides a meeting room system for wireless video calling, video collaboration between workers at home and in the office, and an easy way to display relevant content whilst hosting a meeting. Within the Clickshare offering, there are different products – some that focus on facilitating easier conferencing and others that simplify making presentations, but both solutions are geared towards better team connectivity through hybrid meetings.
So how does it actually improve the User Experience in practice and what features are different to other solutions?

What are the Key Features of Clickshare?

There are plenty of features that Clickshare offers that are helpful for online teams looking to simplify virtual collaboration. And this is true whether it’s a small team working for an SME or a global team working for a large corporation – there are benefits regardless of the scale of the requirement.

Clickshare effectively offers a meeting space for conferencing and presentations. By working with your chosen video conferencing platform, Clickshare will share your video conference wirelessly to your conference room display and will optimise other necessary connections, including for example speakers, microphones, soundbars, or cameras that will all be connected via wireless connectivity.

Also included in Clickshare are multi-participant screen sharing, presenter control management, screen mirroring and presenter screen sharing.
For ease of use, Clickshare offers an App. that can help improve your setup from your smart phone. It facilitates screensharing directly via the App.

It’s worth also noting that you do not necessarily need to download the Clickshare App. to use their products. Clickshare is also highly compatible with mirroring technologies that your devices may already have installed.

Your IT team will be relieved to know that there is no additional investment needed in terms of technology.

Clickshare works with your existing infrastructure to simplify your collaboration rooms. Using Clickshare is as easy as the click of a button, with the Clickshare Button that is! Clickshare is famously tech agnostic, meaning that any equipment that you may have will integrate with Clickshare, you can use Clickshare with any display. Your guests will even be able to collaborate through the “bring your own device” BYOD settings as well!

Bear in mind that there are two sets of Clickshare products: one set addresses streamlining video conferencing, while the other improves the experience of presenting content online. Let’s break down the costs and features of these products a little more specifically.

How Much Does Clickshare Cost?

Pricing is always a key consideration and it will probably influence your decision in terms of choosing a solution and deciding which Clickshare product to use to optimise your conferencing facilities. If your budget is bogged down by costly subscription services, you can take solace in the fact that Clickshare is sold on a flat-fee basis, with a free app.

There are multiple models available that are positioned at various price points however ultimately the fee is calculated based on your specific needs i.e., features, room size, no. of participants and so on. Therefore, to get an accurate quote for your specific requirements get in touch with us today!
But to give you an indication of the options available, let’s compare the three Clickshare Conference models.

1. CX-20

For your small meeting rooms and online team huddles, this Clickshare product provides full Bring Your Own Device support, Bring Your Own Meeting support, SmartCare, one input source on screen, and wireless conferencing.

2. CX-30

Your pick for small and medium sized meeting rooms and conference rooms, this Clickshare product provides full Bring Your Own Device support, Bring Your Own Meeting support, SmartCare, two input sources on screen, touch screen support and interactivity, and wireless conferencing.

3. CX-50

Described as the choice for large meeting rooms and boardrooms, this Clickshare product provides full Bring Your Own Device support, Bring Your Own Meeting support, SmartCare, two input sources on screen, touch screen support and interactivity, video input through HDMI, and wireless conferencing.

Now let’s compare the difference between the two Clickshare Presentation models.

1. C-5

For your team huddles, this Clickshare product provides full Bring Your Own Device support, XMS central management, ISO 27001 certified, network integration, and HDMI connectivity.

2. C-10

For your meeting rooms and conference rooms, this Clickshare product provides full Bring Your Own Device support, XMS central management, ISO 27001 certified, network integration, touch screen support, full interactivity, and HDMI connectivity.

Once you decide which product will work best for your business, you’ll need to work out how to properly set it up. Obviously Meritec can assist in this process but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

How Do I Use Clickshare Properly? (Set Up, Installation, Devices, etc.)

The process is actually surprisingly simple. You may find yourself thinking that it’s so easy that you must be doing something wrong!

When you open your new Clickshare device, your first course of action will be to plug the base unit into your internet connection.

You will also have the option to mount your device either on a wall or on your meeting table.
Both Clickshare models (the CX series and C series) work to connect the Clickshare device to your own devices wirelessly and will then transmit the materials to your presentation screen by using the Clickshare Desktop App, the Clickshare Mobile App, Google Cast or Airplay.

This makes for an extremely easy plug and play setup that’s probably the easiest experience you will ever have in terms of setting up new tech in your office! After downloading the Clickshare app and connecting your new Clickshare base unit to your internet, you can get started with optimising your meetings and presentations straight away.

Clickshare Reviews – Check these out!

It’s no surprise to us that a great deal of people enjoy using Clickshare for their virtual collaborations in the workplace.

Here is a breakdown of Clickshare’s reviews on popular software reviewing websites:

Rating Website Barco Clickshare
Gartner 4.7 stars
GetApp 4.8 stars
Software Advice 4.6 stars


According to reviewers, Clickshare is meeting and exceeding their expectations for hybrid meetings. In fact, many reviewers find themselves likely to recommend Clickshare to others who are struggling with making the switch to virtual collaboration, with 9/10 reviewers on GetApp sharing that they would recommend it.

The positive reviews often mention that they love how Clickshare works with all of their tech, that it is a reliable product, and that the software and products are extremely user-friendly and are not an eyesore in their in-person meeting spaces.

The negative reviews mention that people preferred the lower prices of older Clickshare models, and others mentioned that they don’t like that you need to download the Clickshare App to run Clickshare (although this seems to be a misconception! Clickshare can be used with Apple Airplay and other screen sharing technologies).

So, Is Clickshare the Right Pick for Your Workplace?

Clickshare is an easy-to-use tool that will work to provide seamless presentation and conferencing across multiple devices, platforms, and in-person conferencing environments.

With the simple addition of Clickshare to your conference rooms, you will be able to involve your remote workers in your meetings without a hitch and continue to successfully collaborate in hybrid workplaces.

Meritec has been in this business for over 25 years and we are confident about recommending and installing Clickshare as an effective tool for clients.

Interested in Setting up Clickshare for Your Business?

If you would like further advice on your specific situation and video conferencing needs, then please get in touch with us. Understanding your room, the communication challenges you are trying to solve, your way of working and your budget – is all vital to us. Then we can design the right solution, within budget, to meet your exact needs.

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