What are Zoom Rooms? And Why You Should Care (You can start setup for your space today)

What are Zoom Rooms?


In a nutshell – A zoom room is a digital setup that allows you to use a tablet, computer, camera, microphone and more to hold virtual meetings.

It’s a physical conference room software.

Or in their own words… Zoom RoomsIt’s a software-based room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing.  Zoom Rooms can be used for room only attendees or remote attendees joining from another room, from their desktop, or from their mobile device.

In the industry it’s also known as the world’s first S.D.V.C (Software Defined Video Conferencing System). So Zoom Rooms has been a true leader when it comes to implementing VC.

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What does SDVC mean in practice?

When we think of traditional video conferencing room tech set-ups – they are usually designed to work for room to room conferencing. It’s a big effort as everything has to be customized individually.

It requires on premise software and customized hardware. This is awkward and takes time. And with technology and current business working practices changing so much in recent times… today’s progressive business requires a more flexible approach.

Employees need to have the ability to walk into a conference room and start a meeting instantly.

No hassle. No stress. And convenient.

Zoom Rooms creates exactly this – a far greater experience. 𝗜𝘁’𝘀 𝘀𝗶𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲. 

zoom rooms interactive whiteboard 


Here’s a good example – a collaborative white board session and drawing tools as above. (It actually is as easy as it looks!)


What kind of Rooms can it be used on?

Zoom rooms can transform virtually any meeting room into a video conferencing meeting room. Whether that’s huddle spaces, boardrooms, executive offices, lounges, classrooms, training rooms, theatre rooms etc… it’s versatile and adaptable.

With this versatility, Zoom meeting rooms can be employed across a diverse range of set ups. For this reason products like Zoom Rooms will play a big role in the future of video conferencing.


Benefits of Zoom Rooms Installation

Zoom Rooms allow for a full suite of collaboration through:

  • Interactive white boarding with screen sharing and annotation. (This allows for easy communication as if participants were in the room together)
  • Wireless Content Sharing
  • Simplified Scheduling
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to use (this is not a typo)
  • Quick set-up time
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Cut the cords and clutter of Conference Rooms
  • Centralize Room Management – you can manage everything simply from 1 single portal.


It does this through a cloud based approach that does not compromise on communication and collaboration capabilities.

Zoom Rooms create better meeting spaces and thus better meetings. Check out the set-up below..

Zoom Rooms

What is the difference between Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings?

In essence, Zoom Rooms facilitate the use of Zoom meetings in a physical location.

Like so many – you are probably now familiar with Zoom Meetings. Due to the covid19 pandemic many people have taken to Zoom for both personal and professional communication.

Zoom meetings are Zoom’s main product. They are basically online video meetings that you can conduct through your smartphone or computer.

On the other hand, Zoom Room’s as mentioned – are a physical room’s software and hardware setup. Zoom Room’s kit out an entire room and prepare users for a flawless virtual meeting experience.




Should you consider Zoom Rooms post-pandemic?

Because of the pandemic – so many workplaces, schools and offices right across the spectrum have had to adapt the way they work.  The need for Video Conferencing during the pandemic  increased dramatically – as many organisations come to the same conclusion:

𝗥𝗲𝗺𝗼𝘁𝗲 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗴𝗼𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝘆𝘄𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲(!)

While it has been obligatory for your workplace to use video-conferencing due to covid measures – there is also the need to think long-term. Workplace culture and practices have evolved rapidly with further changes envisaged in the not so distant future.

To stay productive and efficient now AND in the future …. requires a flexible approach.

In order to facilitate remote working, many companies are now seriously considering options like Zoom Rooms. And here lies the genius of Zoom Rooms:

It enables individuals, teams and organisations to access the Zoom cloud conferencing platform from a meeting room – so that YOUR employees using Zoom can communicate from wherever they choose to work from.

This is vital in 2022 and beyond.


Are Irish workers looking to embrace video-conferencing?

A recent study would suggest yes.

The study advocates that better management of video conferencing needs to take place. It states ‘more video-conferencing and virtual meetings would assist them (workers) to feel more connected’.

The trend is clear. If Irish workers are looking to embrace video-conferencing – it would be wise to take note. Remote working and thus an effective video conferencing solution needs to be in place.

If your team finds itself Working from home, it’s imperative to set yourself up for success. Whether that is through Zoom Rooms or another option, it is something that should be carefully considered in the light of your own business and situation.

Other Typical Zoom Room Questions


Are Zoom Rooms Free?

No Zoom Rooms are not Free (except for the first month).There is a monthly subscription fee. After the first month’s free trial, zoom Rooms subscription costs €46/month.

Zoom Meetings (the software) as you may well know at this stage.. offers free use with it’s basic account. As you move up the tiers with more VC options – the price increases. (For a breakdown of prices checkout our comparison post with zoom and Microsoft teams).


What is the difference between Zoom Breakout Rooms & Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are the sessions that split off from the main zoom meeting. This allows the participants to work in smaller groups and collaboratively. It is ideal for settings like education where the teacher can split the students up. Breakout rooms is a feature of Zoom Meetings whereas Zoom Rooms is the physical setup of the software and hardware. You can use Zoom Rooms kit-out your work-space.


How to use Zoom Rooms?

One of the best things about Zoom Rooms (if not the best) is the simplicity of the product. Despite the high-tech – it is very easy to use. So where do you begin? And what do you need?

Each room requires at the very minimum a windows computer or a macOS that runs the Zoom Rooms software plus an android tablet, Ipad or windows 10 tablet that powers the Zoom Rooms App.

You probably already have that equipment? Extra equipment to enhance the meeting experience includes speakers, cameras, tv displays, microphones and even an ipad that powers the Zoom Rooms scheduling display. For a bigger setup, you will most likely require a Video Conferencing integrator to install and customize the required software for your space.


What is the Zoom Rooms App?

This is the Zoom Room Software to power the your meeting experience. You can download it for mac, windows, Ipad and android tablets. It functions in the standard way as any app download. This can all be downloaded from here.

Zoom Rooms App


What is the Zoom Rooms Controller?

In order to use Zoom Rooms, it must be associated with a controller. This can be hosted on a Apple ipad, an android tablet/ Crestron mercury or a Windows 10 tablet. There is however an exception to this. That is Zoom Room for Touch which has somewhat limited controller features built into the touch screen. (Even if you have this feature, we would recommend getting a controller to get the full benefits).

The controller is important because this where you can control the meeting from. You can start meeting from here an collaborate and invite participants from any device.


Looking for Zoom Rooms Installation?

Zoom Rooms are a fantastic product.

When properly deployed, with the right hardware and services, your meeting spaces are transformed with video and audio to connect with remote teams and businesses.

This is a game-changer for many businesses.

Zoom Room’s ease of use and versatility makes it a popular choice for many. And in the current climate… having the right video- conferencing solution is now becoming non-negotiable.

If you would like further advice on your specific situation and video conferencing needs, then please get in touch with us.

Understanding your room, the communication challenges you are trying to solve, your way of working and your budget – is all vital to us. Then we can design the right costed solution to meet these requirements – perfectly.


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