Video Conferencing

The recent COVID 19 Crisis has brought Video Conferencing and Collaboration to the top of the requirements for most companies and enterprises.

There are many ways to have a Video Call and many forms of Collaboration. At Meritec we specialize in providing Room solutions to work with the leading Video Conferencing Platforms and Collaboration tools

Our main focus is on providing solutions to work with Microsoft Teams& Zoom rooms.

Our room solutions include integrating some of the product sets outlined below in to your space to give you an easy to use room, fit for purpose and within your budget.







  • Displays
    • Single screen or Dual Screen from leading manufactures:
      • Samsung
      • LG
    • Interactive Displays.
      • Avocor
      • Newline
  • Cameras
    • Intelligent Tracking camera such as the Hudly IQ
    • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
    • Simple Webcams
  • Microphones
    • Table Mics
    • Mic built in to a soundbar
    • Ceiling mounter Tile Mic’s from:
      • Shure
      • Sennheiser
    • Ceiling mounted Golf Ball Mic’s from:
      • Poly
      • BIAMP
  • Cable and Connectivity
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • UC Engine
  • OneTouch Connectivity


What is the best solution?

The best video conferencing solution depends on your room, scope, budget and your video platform preference. The market leaders are Crestron and Poly (formally Polycom) with either an open Unified communications platform or using a Microsoft Teams Room Device or a Zoom room deployment.

Creston & Poly

Our Solutions built around Crestron and Poly will cater for all room types.The typical spaces are:

Creston Solutions

The Crestron Flex Solutions for Teams and Zoom and Unified Communications will meet many of your requirements. Let us design the best solution for your space. Call us or email for further information and a free costed design.

Crestron Flex M-Series allows everyone to be heard at the table in small or medium sized rooms.

Poly Solutions

Our other leading partner is Poly who also have solutions to meet all of the room types above.

The Poly Range includes:

Poly has solutions for Teams and Zoom and other Platforms.

So what we have included above is an outline of two of the leading providers Poly and Crestron in deploying Video Conferencing using Zoom and Teams.

There is so much more we could include and build a web page/site for each one. This is not what we want to do. What we do want to do is to understand your room, your problem you are trying to solve, your way of working and your budget. Then we can design the right costed solution to meet these requirements… using the best video conferencing hardware for your business.

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