Managed Services

You know that video conferencing will dramatically improve your business’ communications capability but the capital outlay you need may not be available. Businesses are often unable to make themselves more effective for this very reason.

Video Conferencing Managed Services provide a way for companies to benefit from video conferencing solutions without the upfront outlay of a dedicated system.

A managed video conferencing service can be provided by a third party who facilitates your video conference calls with partners, clients and customers via available devices such as desktops, laptops and mobile. This is provided as a service for a fixed subscription fee rather than a single large outlay allowing businesses to move forward with superior communication capabilities, without a drain on cashflow.

Meritec provides video conferencing managed services for businesses in conjunction with a variety of partners. This service provides a range of different plans to suit your business type.

Contact us today to discuss your options – you’ll be delighted at how affordable these can be!