Video Conference Meeting Room – What You Need to Know

video conference meeting rooms

Video Conference Meeting Rooms are an essential for Irish workplaces. Remote & Hybrid working has made sure of that.

There are tons of benefits – but every office space or meeting room has its own unique requirements.


Let’s cover what YOU need to know about Video Conferencing Meeting Rooms today.


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Let’s get to it.


What are Video Conference meeting rooms?

Video Conference Meeting Rooms are exactly what they say on the tin. It’s setting up your meeting space for video conferencing.

The room is equipped with the necessary technology to allow participants to connect and create a high-quality meeting… as if it were in person.


*When setup right, your video conference meeting room is just like a face-to-face meeting*


There are many different ways to do this from huddle rooms to larger conference rooms.

It all depends on your individual needs and room specifications.



How do I set up a video conference room?

A video conference room is a great way to hold meetings with people from all over the world. However, the setup is more than just a laptop on a table. To set up a video conference meeting room correctly, you’ll need:


  • A video conferencing room software
  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • High Quality Display
  • Speakers or headphones


There are many different video conferencing software’s from Zoom Rooms to Microsoft Teams Rooms. Knowing what to choose will depend on your meeting room requirements.

At this point, we suggest partnering with a trusted Audio Visual Company like Meritec for the tailored design of your space.



What do most people use a Video Conference Meeting Room for?

Video conference meeting rooms have many uses such as:


  • Meeting with colleagues or clients from other locations
  • Holding training sessions or webinars
  • Conference calls with large groups of people
  • Presenting to a group of people at another location
  • Bringing onsite & remote workers together easily


What could these options mean to you and your company? How much better would your meetings and workflow be?

These questions are worth considering in the remote/hybrid age.


Why are Video Conference Meeting Rooms so popular?

The pandemic has played a major role. Check out the spike of increased global searches worldwide in recent years for video conferencing.

video conferencing searches

And not surprisingly, we’re at higher levels of interest for video conferencing now, then pre-pandemic.


As above, there’s tons of uses to video conferencing in your meeting rooms. But critically, what we want from work, has shifted dramatically over the last 2 years. And that is flexibility through the power of remote and hybrid working. And that, is not going anywhere.


Simply put, video-conferencing is the future.


What are the Benefits of Video Conference Meeting Room?

Let’s unpack the powerful advantages.

For example, they allow people from different locations to meet together in one virtual space. For remote teams or organisations with multiple offices – this is a big one. They also provide a more personalised experience than telephone conferences. All participants can see each other’s faces and body language. This human touch enhances the personalisation of your meetings.


In a nutshell, Video Conference Meeting Rooms (when setup correctly):

  • Meet the workforce’s 2022 expectations (i.e., equipped offices for remote & hybrid work)
  • Boost employee satisfaction & productivity. No time-wasting.
  • Give a more professional appearance than a home setting or hotel lobby.
  • Open up an international market to you.
  • Give a more personalised experience than just phones or any basic device.
  • Make communication & collaboration easy.
  • Save you tech headaches. (There should be no wires or scrambling for adapters. Touch of a button and you’re ready to go).
  • Build your reputation as a forward-thinking company.

video conference meeting room


Ok… so, setting up your meeting room has tons of benefits. But do we need it in an Irish context?



Do Irish employees want to keep working remotely?

According to the CSO, it’s a resounding yes – with some 88% of people who can work remotely, would like to do so when all pandemic restrictions are removed. Our expectations of work culture have transformed. Remote & hybrid working for Irish workers is not going anywhere.


So whatever way you look at it (whether that’s on-site, hybrid or fully remote) – If you have an office meeting space – video conferencing will be part of the equation.


And getting that room up to modern standards, is a strategic short & long- term investment.


What is Room based video Conferencing?

Room based video conferencing is a video conferencing system that uses video cameras and displays installed in conference rooms.

(It’s the same premise as above.)


The video conference software allows the user to control the video conference. The user can start and stop video conferences, share video content, and control the audio volume. All making it simple to use in creating great meetings.

Boardroom 1

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Video Conference Meeting Rooms can be as complex or as simple as you need. However, to recreate a virtual meeting space, as if everyone is in the same room… it takes the right tools for the job.


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