Projectors for Classrooms

When it comes to projectors for classrooms, Meritec are the premium leaders in the space.

Projectors have numerous benefits

  • Manage your time better
  • A more interactive learning experience
  • Use a wide range of media for teaching
  • Make teaching & learning easier
  • Better engagement & participation from students




What are the Best Projectors to use in your Classroom?

There are numerous brands on the market. However typically, the best we can recommend is Epson.


And Specifically Epson Wireless Projectors.


What Meritec recommends

Epson EB-725W Ultra short throw laser projector & the Epson EB-725WI Interactive laser projector


  • Any room, any size

Bright, large-format display options up to 100″

  • Send productivity soaring

Easy-to-use interface, optional responsive touch and fast set up

  • Versatile collaboration

Expand connectivity, through wireless, VC cameras and many others

  • Exceptional reliability

Maintenance-free laser technology for fit and forget piece of mind


Why go Laser?

  • Lower Maintenance, lamps are long-lasting, don’t need to change filters, lasts 20,000 hours = 20 years,
  • Energy Efficient
  • MicroCast built in, can do this wirelessly. (no clutter – easy to use)
  • The speaker in laser projectors are powerful, so schools don’t need to buy additional speakers for the classrooms
  • Better overall image quality
  • Save money in the long-run.
  • This is the Future of Learning.


Time to Update Your Projectors?

Teachers and Students deserve the best classroom experience in 2022. And Laser Projectors give this experience.

Are you ready to update your classroom?