Project Management and Drawings

Project Management and Drawings

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Our plan for an AV Installation involves the following key stages to ensure the successful delivery of a project. For every project, we need to understand the timeframes involved in the work. We liaise very closely with our clients at the planning stage and throughout the project. We also communicate clearly with all trades to ensure that our requirements are clear and likewise that we are aware of their time frames and deliverables.

Our AV Installation Implementation plan typically follows the steps laid out below:

  • Submissions
  • EC Delivery
  • Procurement
  • Assembly
  • Staging
  • Installation
  • Checkout

Project Management and DrawingsQuality Management System (QMS) & Management structure and ability.

We have a QMS system in place. We are a procedural based organisation and our QMS ensures that interaction with customers is carried out in a structured manner and not left to chance, this includes delivery of product, installation of product and follow up and support.

Our management structure and experience allows us to maximize the skills of our staff and also ensures there is not over reliance on any one individual. This we are efficient and not sorely based on an individual’s personal performance.

We run audits on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Procedures are reviewed after each audit and changes are made where required.