Hybrid Meeting Rooms

**Does your workplace meet the modern requirements?**


What are Hybrid Meeting Rooms?

These are meeting rooms that are equipped with video conferencing technology that team members can easily and seamlessly connect to. In essence, every meeting room needs to work as a video conference room.


hybrid meeting space

Why do Hybrid Meeting Rooms Matter

The modern workplace has evolved greatly.  Your colleagues, clients and business stakeholders are now in different locations and time zones.

To adapt to the current situation – your office space and meeting rooms need to be setup to meet the modern requirements.

A hybrid meeting room should allow team members to actively jump into meetings and conferences with the devices, solutions, and video conferencing software they are familiar with.

Therefore, the modern meeting room needs to be ‘open’ to all users.

We can…

  • Provide Customised Video Conference Room Technology – think Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams Room Solutions
  • Cater to any Room Size from Huddle Space to Larger Conference Room.
  • Setup your hybrid meeting space tailored to your needs.
  • Provide Service & Support after setup. We offers same day and next day response times in the event of any issues.


Avoid Tech Headaches & Transform your Meeting Room