Wireless Connectivity

Clickshare | Wireless Presentation Systems from MertitecOperating your business through wireless technologies is a highly efficient and cost-effective way of working and Meritec has worked with an extensive range of customers to successfully install wireless solutions for a wide variety of functions in the workplace.

These systems require no cabling and the software supplied can facilitate the sharing of content across multiple platforms e.g. laptop, android and/or IOS devices. We can assess your requirements and facilitate the installation of the best solution. Often collaboration is a requirement and we install appropriate technologies that offer excellent voice and visual quality communications, as well as a number of flexible options in terms of functionality. You can learn more about some powerful wireless connectivity solutions on our recent blog.

Barco Clickshare & Crestrons Air Media Solutions

Two wireless products ideal at facilitating collaboration are the Barco Clickshare and Crestrons Air Media solution and these are outlined here. Meritec also installs wired solutions so we can discuss the best options taking both wired and wireless systems into account.

ClickShare allows users to share content via large screen displays in meeting and conference rooms. Due to the wireless nature of the technology utilised by the Barco Clickshare system presentations can be started in a variety of ways. Some popular methods include using USB devices connected to a PC or MAC or by smart phone technology.

Clickshare has also been designed to display the most optimal resolution, without impacting on the layout of the PC or laptop being used. Clickshare is Barco’s solution to some very common issues experienced by those who regularly operate and support the meeting requirements of modern companies. Barco’s software allows people to simultaneously integrate their own laptop content with others by connecting to the meeting room audio visual equipment.

Similarly, Crestron’s AirMedia system allows anyone to walk into a meeting room with their own device and wirelessly connect to the display in the room, to share content, collaborate etc. Each participant can simply press a “Show Me” button to have their content displayed and up to 32 people can connect their device in the same room.

Meritec distributes Barco's Wireless Presentation product Clickshare in IrelandTake Expert Advice from Meritec

Whatever your wireless requirements, Meritec can supply and install the right solution for your needs – whether that a simple one-click system in single location or a platform that can be deployed on desktop computers across an enterprise.

Tap into our leading technical expertise now and let us guide you to the best wireless solution for your business today. Call now to find out more.