Digital Signage Solution for Allied Irish Bank, Dublin, Ireland

“The solution implemented by Meritec has provided us with a platform for future growth.”

The Brief

As one of the largest financial institutions in Ireland, Allied Irish Bank prides itself on providing exceptional levels of service as well as rigorous financial accuracy to its many retail and corporate customers. Foreign exchange (FX) transactions, as one of those services, must comply with strict financial regulations. Accurate daily currency exchange rate data must be displayed in all retail branches.

Historically, local AIB retail branches were individually responsible for displaying current rates within their branches. This system used a manually operated LED display system; it was the responsibility of each branch to update exchange rates daily. However, this localised manual system did not provide AIB head office management with a central view of this critical branch level exchange rate display activity. Ken O’Neill, AIB’s IT Delivery Manager, explains: “Because the exchange rate display activity was carried out locally by individual branches and their staff, head office was not in a position to ensure absolute compliance oversight as the public display of exchange rates is a regulated activity, and such displays must be absolutely accurate.”

‘For that reason, we examined other solutions that would allow us to not only meet regulatory requirements, but that might also offer us additional benefits. We looked at a range of different systems, and finally turned to the Omnivex Digital Signage software solution, and their Irish agents, Meritec.’

The Solution

Meritec is Ireland’s leading integrated audio visual and lighting control solutions specialist. As the Irish agents for Omnivex, Meritec worked closely with both AIB management and Omnivex solutions specialists in the development of an integrated control solution that would accurately meet AIB’s currency display regulatory requirement.

Meritec director Ronan McLaughlin explains the results: ‘The Omnivex solution developed for AIB is composed of three separate modules. The Omnivex DataPipe module integrates with AIB head office data systems to accurately gather current currency exchange rate information. Omnivex Control is a software solution that allows centralised control of display hardware located at branch level. And Omnivex Display allows centralised content management and editing capabilities.

‘The three modules work together: the DataPipe gathers currency exchange rate information and formats it for use by localised branch display systems. Omnivex Display allows the bank’s head office managers to format currency exchange rate data – as well as additional messaging such as marketing messages – using ‘What you see is what you get’ methodologies. This capability ensures imaging control at branch level. Then all data – currency as well as other communications data – is carried over the Internet to individual branches at off-peak times so as not to interfere with local broadband workflow requirements.

‘Finally, Omnivex Control is used to schedule each and every LCD display screen in every branch using this solution. Accurate currency exchange rate data is therefore streamed automatically, and accurately. Moreover, the Control module also notifies head office if a local display unit is inoperative. This level of data enables head office managers to notify a local branch to take action in order to resolve possible hardware problems. With the Omnivex solution, head office now has a central view of currency exchange rate display activity at retail branch level, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance.’

Powerful additional benefits

The Omnivex solution also provides AIB with other powerful communications benefits. ‘Displays located at local branches not only post accurate currency exchange rate information to our customers, but those displays are also used as a new marketing communications channel,’ AIB’s Ken O’Neill states. ‘Current AIB television advertising is also downloaded to local branches by the Omnivex solution, and played back as part of pre-scheduled marketing initiatives.

‘We also use the solution to enhance training programmes. For instance, we recently developed a training module that was downloaded over the Omnivex system, and communicated to branch staff members at appropriate times. This innovative training method was well received by AIB staff, while also resulting in significant reduction in training expenses.

Would recommend

Ken is very positive about the Omnivex Digital Signage software solution, as well the capabilities demonstrated by Meritec. ‘This solution allows AIB to meet its currency exchange rate display regulatory requirements by providing us with centralised control,’ he says. ‘This automated solution has also enhanced our communications capabilities by providing a cost-effective marketing and training channel.

‘This solution has fully met our requirements, and has proven to be successful. It has provided us a platform for future growth.’

For more information

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