AV trends for 2022

AV trends 2022


As always, the AV industry finds itself in a constant state of evolution. As we face into another year – let’s look at some of the possible trends coming down the track for the AV industry. Some are in their infancy while others are in full motion and are set to continue to snowball. Let’s explore….



Going touchless

People have been looking for a smoother UX for a long time now. However unquestionably the covid-19 pandemic has led to a far greater push for touchless technology. The need to avoid touching common surfaces has increased in the wake of a greater need for safer work environments.


This could mean more fully automated rooms with sensors which will activate upon entry and consequently more wireless content sharing. Likewise on the audio front, minimising contact with microphones will only increase. Although an array microphones are typically used in conference room settings, they may be deployed more across different industries such as entertainment, government etc.


Smart workplaces

As explained in our future of video conferencing post – the office of tomorrow will continue to evolve. With many employees expected to continue working fully remotely or at the very least, adopting a hybrid approach with hybrid meetings etc – the need to adapt AV and video conferencing into modern enterprises will be a must.

As the modern worker becomes more mobile, so too will the workplace. In the past, you might have presented to your team in a small space or maybe even a huddle room. Now the ability to present wireless high-definition presentations with colleagues in and out of the room will be a prerequisite, not just an aspiration. And so, as workplace culture evolves… so too will the need for the latest AV to be implemented and maintained in a global, interdependent economy.


The basis for all this of course is the correct implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and  IOT (internet of things).  More on this below.


Smart Devices & Bring your own Device

As workplaces evolve, there will be an inevitable change for the technology required. With more BYOD (bring your own device) in place, employees will be more likely to bring their equipment with them to work. With more laptops and tablets and less traditional desktops (in a shared work environment), the need to have the required tech will increase.  As smart workplaces and co-working hubs increase throughout Ireland, designated video conference meeting rooms with the right type of software will become more widespread.


Room software like Zoom Rooms or Microsoft teams rooms will continue to be used to accommodate meetings between employees, clients and business partners. Tools like these will be particularly important as the days of everyone being in the same room at the same time will be not be too common for many organisations.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage - Av Trends


Already on the rise, digital signage will only continue to grow. As many in retail had to adapt during 2020/2021, there was an innovative use of digital product catalogues. It prevents the customer from touching everything and thus reduces the spread of germs. In a post-pandemic world, features like this may be here to stay. Apart from health and safety, the power of display and with its’s attention-grabbing traits – digital signage could be used more in shop windows and alongside products in store. If there’s an opportunity to attract attention and increase sales, then business owners and marketers alike will certainly be looking at it with interest.


Also just purely from a practical point of view, there are many locations that stand to benefit from digital signage. For example, large shopping centres or big buildings such as universities would allow for a more convenient and efficient experience with the use of interactive maps through digital signage.


AV in Education

The benefits of av in education are well documented as it’s now generally considered an infrastructural requirement in many schools. With an enhanced and more interactive learning experience – both teachers and students stand to gain from AV. In terms of the AV tech, the quality and resolution of projectors screens will continue to improve. With laser projection and LEDs with smaller pixel pitches, these technological tools are getting better with time.

Depending on the school, there may be more video walls and larger screens particularly for larger rooms and more communal areas such as receptions.


AV in Healthcare


Av trends in healthcare

AV trends in healthcare are not new. As an industry on the whole – healthcare has been using AV technology more and more. However since the outbreak of the covid pandemic, there has been a massive rise in telemedicine. It’s easy to understand why as it gives both patient and healthcare provider the space, safety and convenience they need during a challenging public health crisis.


The interesting question is will it remain in a post pandemic world? While it is expected to reduce, many people over the course of the pandemic have had to overcome the digital divide and embrace technology. With tools like zoom and others becoming more intertwined with society and our everyday lives… telemedicine will be around in some capacity and certainly more than before the pre-pandemic world. It will probably be used to screen out preliminary consultations so that real-world meetings are necessary in fewer circumstances.


It’s also likely that AI will continue to evolve and play a greater role in healthcare too.


Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things

At the core of all the trends above from offices to healthcare is AI (artificial intelligence) and subsequently IOT (Internet of things). Already intertwined in our daily lives, this trend will only continue. Smart rooms and devices with voice recognition are becoming the norm (and of course, are in line with the aforementioned trend of going touchless) But there is a lot more to come…

Collaborative technology using a cloud system can allow employees to log into a virtual office… or for students – using a virtual classroom. In line with AI and using data analytics, this can lead to a more personal and streamlined experience for all involved. The UX of such platforms will only get more personal and effective with AI advancement.

Furthermore, AI through AV could also provide powerful marketing benefits. Imagining stopping outside a shop, looking at a digital sign and being served a tailored remarketing ad specific to you? All because AI recognises that you are present in real-time through your smartphone and you had previously looked at one of the shop’s products online…. While that still might be far away- the tech capability is there to make it a reality.


Hybrid Events

This is one that is most definitely in flux. Depending when and where you read this; travel may not be logistically possible for many. And for many more; it will be. For this reason; hybrid events will bring the best of the online and offline world together in 2022. Technological advances have all been based around improving remote user experience and connecting people from all around the world. With the future of video conferencing looking bright – hybrid events may be one to stay well past 2022.



4k UHD is the new standard on TV images. It is an av technology that provides a better quality than full HD and even than 3D av. Simply put, If you are not creating content in 4K UHD then you are not making the most of whats available to depict your message. Again this trend in AV can be deployed across a variety of different venues and events.


In conclusion on AV Trends

Evolving tech raises our expectations as we strive toward greater convenience and efficiency in our day to day lives. As a result, AV has and will continue to adapt to the modern world. Through powerful AI and spurned on by a global pandemic, these trends could just be a sign of what’s to come.

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