We have the full range of projectors  from the leading brands available. The Brands that we work closely with Include: Sony, Epson, Hitachi, and NEC. The type of projector selected will depend on the room type, be it a training room, small meeting room or larger boardroom.

The important element in choosing a project is to insure that it meets the requirements of the room and the users. Our job is to recommend projectors that will meet the user’s expectations and your budget.

The elements to consider include:


Minimum brightness projector for small to medium meeting room should be 3000 ANSI lumens (ANSI lumens is the measure of brightness) Minimum brightness for a larger room or higher end room should be 5000 -7000 ANSI lumens (ANSI lumens is the measure of brightness.)

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Minimum resolution projectors for new installations should we WXGA and for certain rooms should be WUXGA.


VGA and HDMI number of connections needs to be considered.

Other issues

Throw Distance, Noise level of the projector, Warranty and number of hours a day the projector will be used.