Projector Screens

Projector Screen in Council ChamberWhether you need a projection screen for a corporate boardroom or a training room or a home cinema we have the full range of screens from the leading manufacturers in the world.

Often the screen gets overlooked in the process, but there are many different type of screens and also different costs.

Projector Screen Categories

  • Electric Screens
    • Wall and Ceiling Mounted Electric Screens
    • Ceiling Recessed Electric Screens
    • Floor Mounted Electric Screens
    • Large Venue Electric Screens – 12′ / 200″ + Diagonal
    • Masking Electric Screens
  • Manual Wall and Ceiling Screens
  • Portable and Tripod Screens
  • Fixed Frame Screens
  • Rear Projection Screens
  • Fast-Fold® Portable Screens

Tensioned Electric ScreenWe will advise you as to the best option. This may be a €100.00 manual projector screen or it may be a more advanced costly solution. Talk to us and discuss your use of the room and your expectations and we can then advise the best projector screen to enhance your room.