Interactive Displays


Half whiteboard, half Ultra HD display

When you’re about to do a brainstorm or a group discussion of any sort, you’re probably used to working with a whiteboard and marker. Now you can grab a digital pen, and as you jot down notes, they can be seen live – as you write – across the globe; with anyone you choose to share that content with.

And you can easily display lots of other types of media too – with a simple tap of the screen. But don’t be fooled – you may consider traditional whiteboards to be visually poor; with the digital version everything is visible in perfect Ultra HD resolution.

These features and many more come on the innovative collaborative tool SMART kapp IQ. Meritec have supplied many Irish businesses with this easy-to-use, super-smart system. Call now to learn more about this and a whole host of collaborative systems we distribute, install and support.