Digimic Lean+ – The Microphone Miniaturised!

Digimic Lean

Digimic Lean+ – The Microphone Miniaturised!

Digimic Lean+ represents the very best of Brahler and Bachman microphone technologies – miniaturised – so that the microphone station is extremely compact and can integrate seamlessly into the conference room or training facilities.

Flexible, Modular System

The system can be installed as a table top solution but typically it is integrated into the table so that it is almost invisible. And while this miniaturisation of the microphone system looks great, it also delivers superb audio performance; it’s suitable for small and large events and it’s extremely easy to use. It can either be used as a stand-alone microphone solution or integrated into a comprehensive conferencing system.

Energy & Connectivity

Digimic Lean+ offers a number of power and data supply choices, making it easy to expand its functionality with a variety of media options. So this compact unit can meet your demands exactly – with no extraneous technology adding unnecessary complexity or cost. It is lean in the very best sense of the word!

Technological Elegance

Compact solutions in a conference room look great and save space. Digimic can also be fitted into the desk with a sleek, attractive aluminium cover, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also offers protection for the technology from dust and the usual wear and tear on such units.

Intuitive to Use

The two most important components of a microphone system – the mic itself and the operating button – are always to hand and available instantly while the other components, such as power and media connectivity options, are discretely hidden under the aluminium cover unless they are required for use. The system is simple and highly intuitive to use.


Digimic Lean