Town Hall Spaces

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Town Hall Spaces

There is a growing demand for Town Hall spaces with a good quality integrated Audio and Video capabilities. Corporate Clients need to address the staff on a regular basis, this is often to staff in the same room as the presenter but also a requirement by some customers to stream the solution to remote offices.

Often a Town hall AV deployment is designed within a canteen space and will incorporate a display/Video Wall, and an audio solution (microphones and speakers).  This space needs good AV design and expertise to deliver a robust solution for top executives to deliver presentations.

We have extensive experience in designing solutions for these types of rooms. Meritec has installed Town Hall AV solutions across a wide variety of organisations in Ireland including Stryker, BD, SOLAS, Udemy, Stripe, Zendesk and VHI.

Key Technologies

A number of the core elements of an AV system are outlined below however there are many more recent facilities in conference rooms that are becoming increasingly popular and these include;Meritec Town Hall


This may be a Video Wall, projection solution or a single display. We will advise on the best solution to match the requirement, room and budget. The correct sized screen or screen’s is key to a successful room.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity in a town hall space typically involves connecting one or multiple devices wirelessly with the facility to display and share relevant content with people both in the conference room and with those participating remotely. These allow flexibility for presenters.


The quality of the audio technology that is integrated into the room is crucial – a robust high quality system is essential to disperse sound efficiently. There are many options available to facilitate this such as recess speakers, Meritec Town HallSpeaker Arrays and wall mounted units.


The correct Microphone selection and placement is key to these spaces working seamlessly. Ceiling Mic, Mic Array, Lapel Mic, Wired Mics all have their place, we will select the best solution to meet your requirements. We work closely with leading manufactures such as SHURE, Sennheiser, and Clearone


Global audiences can be facilitated to view your meeting live or as a recording available on Demand with high definition quality streaming solutions.

Cable Management

With a wide range of connectivity it is important to ensure that connecting cables do not become a problem. Many cables running around a room are distracting and inhibit free movement around the room. Meritec Town Hall

Control Panels

While having a range of technologies improves productivity and collaboration, they can cause disruption if not easily controlled. Control panels provide comprehensive control over the various technologies from a single or multiple devices.

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