The correct display must be chosen to ensure all participants can view PowerPoint/Detail and video comfortably on the screen. We will recommend the correct Flat Panel or Projection solution to suit your room.


A digital Audio solution is often appropriate in a boardroom to ensure quality audio when Video and audio Conferencing is required. Also speech reinforcement is often required in larger rooms and this may be wireless microphone solution or a full Delegate mic solution.



Boardroom 3 with Support MonitorsUse of wireless presentation from laptops or devices allows easy use of the room a simple to use secure solution is vital in this environment.

Management of cables

Our cable management solutions and in table solutions simplify this and ensure the cables are easily accessible. There are many solutions available to meet different boardroom configurations.

Video Conferencing

Full BoardroomVC is often a key element of a boardrooms ,we integrate the VC in to the room control and display and audio solution to give an easy to use system that is standard based.

Boardrooms by the nature need thought and design to ensure they meet the needs of the business. Let us know your requirements and we will work with you  to design and install you Boardroom AV