Small/Medium Rooms

Small/Medium RoomsTypical meeting rooms now needed in the private and public sectors typically include:


Either Flat Panel or Projection Screens. Both can be useful and projection is still suitable if you need a large image. The most critical aspect is to get the size right, given the requirement and the main use of the room e.g. is it to be used generally for PowerPoint slides or to display more detail orientated presentations using Excel or similar documents.


Cable Management

Cable is usually brought to the table through a raised access floor but if that’s not possible there are a number of options available. Cable is typically managed either through a straight forward Grommet or Cable management inset in the table – so that connectivity can be easily facilitated.


Wireless connectivity is very popular at present. See our approach to wireless solutions here. Often the requirement includes a solution to allow wireless presentation from laptops or devices and we have a number of easy-to-use options available for customers.

Small/Medium RoomsControl Panel

A number of different functions in a room can be integrated seamlessly into one control panel. This helps reduce the need for support from other Depts. e.g. IT and Facilities management. A simple  Push Button wall controller makes it simple to manage a number of different aspects in the rom e.g. AV equipment, temperature, lighting etc.

While these equipment options all sound pretty straight forward and they are – to a large extent – for Meritec as we handle these technical requirements day-in-day-out; the reality is that it’s essential that these are installed to the highest standard to optimise the use of the equipment and to ensure a hassle free experience for the user.

Ask Meritec for advice as soon in the planning process as possible as we can advise on the best option; we may save you time and money and we will certainly be able to advise you on the optimal approach given your needs. We look forward to your call.