Visualisers, or document cameras, are one of the many products that Meritec supply to schools in Ireland. They can be used as a teaching aid and help students to visualize what they are learning. A Visualiser is user friendly solution. They are easily connected to the teachers PC or laptop and the object can they be projected onto a whiteboard or projection screen.

Visualiser | Document Cameras | Lumens DC120 from MeritecTeaching is more intuitive and inclusive when document cameras are used. Teachers demonstrating science experiments, for example, can include the whole class in the demonstration.

The picture camera has many useful features such as the picture schedule. The picture schedule allows teachers to streamline show-and-tell to help with language learning.

Document cameras fully integrate with all forms of multimedia devices including scanners, projectors, computers and many other technologies. Using document cameras helps reduce the carbon footprint of schools as paper work is cut out

Activities or use for the classroom

Document cameras are an easy to use solution for teachers and students. The many benefits of document cameras include:

  • Demonstrating work to students.
  • Providing examples of maths equations.
  • Instantaneous commenting on student works.
  • Documents and text can be freeze-framed and zoomed in and out for clarity and highlighting words, phrases and sentences.
  • The document camera can be used as a writing aid and for teaching musical notes for students by using lined paper to project onto the white board.

What Visualiser should I consider?

The most popular Visualiser in the Irish market at is probably the Lumens DC125.

Why: It is very affordable and it does what a school needs. Plus you can add a wireless base to it and use it anywhere in the classroom without any cables.