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Will OLED Explode This Year?

OLED Meritec

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) screens are definitely an exciting development for anyone into their high-tech screens and are becoming much more common place. So, what can we expect to see happen in this space for the rest of this year? If the forecasts are anything to go by we’re probably going to see a big year for OLED. Markets and Markets and are predicting over 15% growth every year up to 2023 by which stage the total market could be worth a whopping 48 billion US Dollars.

What’s driving this rapid growth? The short answer is the much-improved user experienced that OLED screens can deliver. We are now seeing OLED powered displays being used in various types of screens: conference rooms, boardrooms, reception areas, video conferencing solutions, digital signage, smartphones and in residential settings. The improved picture quality along with lower power consumption, lighter weight and increased durability are making OLED screens a real hit.

What is OLED?

OLED first emerged back in 2013 when LG and Samsung gave us a little glimpse into the picture quality that’s achievable. Since then it hasn’t been all plain sailing and some of the manufacturers focused more on 4K HD LED screens.

This year though many of the main manufacturers are adding OLED options to their lines.

An organic, carbon-based film is placed between two conductors, when the electrical current is passed through, it emits light. This process takes place in every single pixel in an OLED display and it creates exceptional clarity for the viewer.

OLED technology makes it possible to reach dark black levels from an ultra-thin screen previously not possible and is also more efficient and eco-friendly, something we are all conscious about these days.

Europe and USA Driving Change

It is envisioned that Europe and the US will be the two biggest regions to adopt the new displays and drive the change.

The North American and European OLED market will continue to expand over the next 5 years as businesses see the advantages to using the new displays. Large tech companies will integrate the new screens into their product lines. Apple, the world’s largest smartphone producer, will be one of the key consumers of OLED displays their smart devices, laptops and desktops.

What Next….

While OLED is definitely an exciting development it may be a while before we see a complete switch. Currently LED LCD displays are still the most popular and they do produce excellent quality images.

As OLED begins to become the norm we expect to see a drop in the price making them more affordable. Many of the well-known producers (Sony, Panasonic, Philips etc) will be introducing their own OLED displays creating healthy competition within the industry.

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