What is a Hybrid Meeting? And is your office ready?

hybrid meeting - how to hold a hybrid meeting


Want to know what a hybrid meeting is and how you can create the best one for your office? In this post, we look at just that.

What is a Hybrid Meeting?

A Hybrid meeting is exactly how it sounds. It’s a hybrid between an in-person meetings and virtual meetings.


This goes a lot further than the simplistic definition of a remote meeting. As all attendees are both in person and virtual; this combined location refers to the hybrid meeting.

what is a hybrid meeting?



Why do we have hybrid meetings?

Needless to say, but Hybrid meetings are on the rise in a large part due to the pandemic. With the hybrid workplace becoming the new norm, our attitudes and expectations towards work have shifted greatly in a short space of time. While hybrid meetings were already on the rise with the continued evolution of tech in video conferencing solutions, the pandemic has sped up this process.


However, beyond that, we’re living in a very globalised world. With teams and partners working across different time-zones – it’s integral to find a solution that works for everyone.


Hybrid meetings do exactly that.


What are the Benefits of Hybrid Meetings?

There are many advantages to Hybrid meetings as follows:

  • Hybrid Meetings give freedom and flexibility to all participants. Sometimes, it’s just not feasible for an individual to make a meeting. And so hybrid gives the best of both worlds.
  • Save on Space & Costs. If all participants need to be in the same room at the same time – that will inevitably increase prices (whether that’s running costs or just hiring out the room)
  • Meet modern expectations. The Hybrid workplace and thus hybrid meetings are no longer an aspiration… but an expectation. Don’t fail to deliver on this by being slow to evolve.
  • Allows for better collaboration and connectivity across your team and with different stakeholders.


How to hold a hybrid meeting?

There’s a lot to consider in order to hold a hybrid meeting successfully.


While the tips below can help – the key to truly having a hybrid meeting run smoothly is… setting up a hybrid meeting room correctly from the get-go.


By doing this correctly, you will save yourself lots of tech headaches (more on this below). It stands to reason. If the tech setup and the equipment are not kitted out in the correct way, then you will run into problems.


That said, assuming you do have your hybrid meeting room setup by a trusted video conferencing company– here’s how you can ensure everything runs smoothly.


Plan beforehand

Like any meeting, a little planning goes a long way in setting you up for success. Asking questions like:

  • Is my audio & visual ok?
  • Can everyone be understood?
  • Is there a need for screen sharing and collaboration in the meeting?
  • What is the main objective of today’s meeting?

(Bar the last question -you won’t really have to think about this too often if your room is setup correctly)


Invite Virtual Attendees to the meeting before the start time

Spot the tech hiccups in advance and you save yourself a lot of time. If one of the attendees is running late, you can minimize the disruption by sending any invites out in advance. 10 or 15 minutes before should be plenty.



Have an In-person to monitor the chat

hybrid meeting people

This will depend largely on the type of meeting you’re running. With some software such as GoTo Connect, there is AI that automatically take notes and streamlines the entire experience.


Either way, this individual can be the eyes and ears for the virtual participants in the meeting…providing the virtual attendees a way to ensure their voices are heard.


Whatever you’re doing in the physical Room, Replicate it for the Virtual Attendees

This should go without saying, but you’re aiming for a collaborative experience right? For example, if you’re brainstorming on a physical whiteboard, can the virtual attendees see this?


Take advantage for the collaborative power of video-conferencing for meeting rooms. Products like Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms are great for team collaboration in this sense… as they can easily allow all participants to see what’s happening.


Focus on Interactivity

Modern meetings have evolved. The days where the speaker talks, people take notes and that’s it… are becoming archaic. Nowadays, to effectively communicate and collaborate – you must show and not just tell. Fortunately modern video-conferencing makes this easy.


So think about your meeting and put yourself in the shoes of your attendees -both in-person and virtual. How can you make it more engaging for them? If you’re hosting bigger hybrid events – getting this step down could be the key to a successful event.

how to hold a hybrid meeting

Have a back-up Plan

In the event, something goes wrong whether that be on the video-conferencing software  or otherwise– have a plan B in mind. If you’re prepared with the right tech setup in-house, it’s unlikely. That said, if it does happen – you will be prepared.

What technology is needed for a hybrid meeting?

Well that depends on your own individual requirements and budget. However at the very minimum, a successful hybrid meeting will have the following:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Display
  • Content Sharing


Are Hybrid Meeting Rooms Difficult to Setup?

Nothing is impossible. But if you’re doing this yourself without AV setup experience, yes it could be challenging. There are a lot of considerations to take from the room size to a tailored video conferencing setup.


The best way to avoid these tech headaches now (and in the future) is getting a trusted video conferencing installer to do the job. The peace of mind in running effective and productive hybrid meetings without worrying about tech issues should go without saying. Make your life easier!


Final Words on Hybrid Meetings – Is your space ready for modern Meetings?

Hybrid Meetings are undoubtedly the present and future.  While not a brand new concept, they have and will continue to explode in popularity.


The big question is… does your space meet the modern meeting requirements?


If you would like to join the ranks of all the other businesses in Ireland & around the world who are modernizing the workplace – setup your room for hybrid meetings.


Hybrid Meetings are now an expectation, not just an aspiration. Don’t fall behind and setup your hybrid meetings for success today.


Want to make your hybrid meeting a success?