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VR – Are You Ready for the Future?

Virtual Reality Meritec Wicklow
Only a short while back VR seemed like a something from a science fiction movie. Today however, virtual reality is becoming more relevant to businesses all over the country.

It’s time to embrace the potential of virtual reality. No longer just an arcade gimmick, VR is having a real positive impact…..

Beyond Gaming

Imagine joining a meeting with your clients where you could interact around a virtual conference table, look at documents, create whiteboards, take notes, and solve problems together in a 3D virtual environment.

Doghead Simulations has been at the forefront of developing virtual reality education and collaboration software. With their rumii platform, they’re adding experiential layers to collaboration and learning that aren’t possible using traditional video conferencing like Zoom. By using headsets and large digital displays, up to 40 people can collaborate directly in a virtual environment. Impressive stuff!

Alan Smithson of MetaVRse recently discussed Doghead Simulations platform….. “Merging Realities in rumii was the beginning of something truly transformative. Presenting a keynote to hundreds of people around the world with all types of media – slides, audio, video and 3D models in VR – without having to take one flight is a game changer! On top of that, having laser hands is just plain fun!

Virtual reality is a technology which we expect will remain fun while the business uses grow and evolve. Headset only versions of VR are most frequently used, but full room immersive environments will become more common. The virtual environments are created by using display walls, 3D projectors, and are less restrictive than headsets.

We’re stepping into a world where the possibilities are endless but let’s not get too excited just yet….

VR Challenges

Like every new technology VR does faces its own challenges. One obstacle is simply just how new the technology is. Virtual reality has in fact been in development for several decades, the practical and scalable implementation of virtual reality in organisations is in its infancy.

Businesses are still finding the best ways VR can be a benefit and help them achieve their goals. Once this happens VR could grow rapidly.

VR Opportunities

In Healthcare

Studies have found very positive outcomes for patients using virtual reality for clinical conditions including anxiety disorders, addictions, phobias, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, strokes and for pain management. Apps from companies such as Mindmaze are helping patients with brain injuries practice moving digits and limbs with the help of VR.

In Education

Universities in the US are seeing the opportunities VR brings to the table. For example, at the Indiana Universities Cyber Infrastructure department, students and lecturers explore entire worlds through VR and AR simulations. Participants use headsets to immerse themselves and large digital displays allow other people to see what participants are viewing in real time.

In Tourism

To give potential tourists a flavour of what a holiday has to offer, destinations are using VR to whet the traveller’s appetite. From a stroll in the mountains, to a walk along the beach, which one day might even include VR footwear that mimics the feel of sand at your feet, the tourist industry is starting to capitalise on what VR provides.

Are you Ready for VR? Yes, No, Maybe!!

All the signs are pointing to VR adoption growing over the next 24 months as more and more VR tools and applications are released. Finding the right VR path might open up new opportunities you hadn’t even considered before…..