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Video Conferencing in a Changing World

Video Conferencing


If you haven’t engaged with Video Conferencing much before the recent month or so, you probably have by now. Video conferencing is playing an increasingly important role in day-today business communications. During this time, the world finds itself battling the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, video conferencing and software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom (and Zoom Rooms), Skype, Google Hangouts and many more, have jumped forward and taken centre stage in the new world. Let’s explore exactly what Video Conferencing is and the benefits it can bring your business right now – but also importantly into the future, long after this difficult chapter in all our lives has been closed.


What is Video Conferencing?

Video Conferencing allows for 2 or more participants to hold a meeting regardless of location or distance. It’s much more than just Video calling which you might be used to using on Messenger or WhatsApp, as these are typically one to one. It allows for a group meeting to take place digitally. With Unified Comms (UC) being a central technology that facilitates group conferencing, this capability allows for many potential uses in a variety of fields and there’s loads of benefits for businesses, and individual professionals; no matter where you are working from…..

What are the Benefits of Video Conferencing?

Time Saver

Arguably one of the biggest benefits is the time you save. If you have clients or business partners that are physically located in different places, you don’t have to waste time travelling to and from their locations. By simply using video-conferencing tech which is readily available, you can seamlessly connect with customers and colleagues and communicate in real-time without wasting time or money commuting.

Communicating with several People at the same time

So much more than a one to one interaction, video conferencing allows multiple people at the same location or different locations to join in a meeting as if they were all in the room. If, for example, your team are in the one location and there are other participants online, say working from home or overseas, everyone can now be seen and heard effectively. Strategic planning and meetings which require several members in different locations to attend used to be a logistical nightmare to manage – now they are really easy and cost-effective to arrange.

Less Barriers to the International Market

Depending on your business, video-conferencing can potentially open up a whole global market to you. This is particularly obvious if you are a teacher or trainer but it applies to all products and services that can be delivered digitally too. In the age of high speed internet, doing business internationally is much easier and less expensive to implement.


Personal Touch

Video Conferencing allows you to both see and hear other people in real time. This benefit should not be underestimated as the nuances of body language and facial expressions give us so much more context and info in our communication. While email and phone calls can be quick and effective also… the ability to see and hear simultaneously is a game changer.

It allows you to communicate more effectively and ultimately deepens the relationship. Business is built on relationships and video conferencing is a key tool for developing that relationship – regardless of location.

Remote Working

Video Conferencing allows you not only to communicate with clients and new business but it permits teams to work together in a cohesive manner. Your team may be in different countries and working within different time zones but with coordination through video conferencing…it allows for effective collaboration.  Using tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, effective collaboration and teamwork means getting the work done.

Productivity Increase

As collaboration and communication can take place instantaneously in real time, decisions can be made quickly. This quick decision making leads to better productivity which fundamentally gives your company a competitive edge. With remote working is commonplace at present – quick and easy communication is an integral part of your success now and down the line.

In Conclusion,

Obviously during this time, there has been a huge surge in remote working and thus the usage of video conferencing technology. While the future of video of conferencing will continue to evolve… the benefits listed above were true before the pandemic and will be true afterwards. Video Conferencing is a tool that has revolutionised the way we communicate and do business. If you are looking to take advantage of Video Conferencing now in the short-term or looking to build for the future, we are happy to help. Partnering with trusted sources such as Crestron and Polycom, Meritec are experts in this area.

Please contact us if you have any questions about video conferencing during this time.

Be Safe.