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Video conferencing from Dublin to the world

A video conferencing unit in your Dublin HQ can take you via the wonders of modern technology to the attention of potential new clients right around the world.   Video conferencing units enable you to talk face to face with an important client, customer or colleague from the comfort of your own office space. Gone are the days of setting up countless meetings and trekking back and forth on long haul flights between destinations in the hope of expanding your business.

Video conferencing units allow you to set up a meeting to connect, share and discuss your business propositions without booking expensive flights, hotels and car hire. The investment in your new video conferencing technology will soon pay off when you see the savings you will make in time, money and resources.Video conferencing also opens up new worlds of possibilities for your business in terms of how you run your day-to-day operations. In this new era of instant digital communications technologies you and your staff can now work on a more flexible basis.

Staff can spend more time working from home and tele-commuting via Skype or poly-communication devices for those important daily or weekly meetings. You can check in with your staff while you’re on the road. Or you can arrange for a guest speaker to address your clients and colleagues even if they cannot make it in person. There is no end to the possibilities of AV conferencing systems.

Irish businesses and their global partners are increasingly using this technology to perform functions such as:

  • In-house business presentations and proposals
  • Product or service training for employees
  • Product launches and presentations
  • Business to business consultations
  • Collaborative projects that require team input
  • Conducting interviews to recruit new employees

For state-of-the-art video conferencing units in Dublin contact Meritec. We are Ireland’s most knowledgeable provider of integrated audio visual solutions. Email for more information.

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