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Using Digital Signage to Improve Employee Engagement

digital signage employee engagement

There are plenty of obvious benefits of using digital signs to interact with customers, such as increased brand awareness and promoting sales – we are all familiar now with digital signs at banks, at reception areas etc.

Digital signage can really come to life with rich user generated content (UGC) via social media. Real-time interaction can radically increase engagement, for example by displaying an interactive twitter feed at an event or allowing consumers to interact via beacons. Integrating UGC effectively can have a big knock-on impact on sales.

Digital Signs are also far more appealing than static signs and are widely reported to have a higher engagement rate:

  • 63% of us see digital signage each day.
  • Digital signs experience 400% more views than static signs.

Recently there has been a move towards using digital signage as a great way to increase employee engagement. A highly engaged employee will be more productive.

Employees – Effective Communication

Communication plays a critical role in employee engagement. Having effective and efficient communication is the name of the game.

The most successful companies value strong communication. By introducing digital signs to display performance dashboards, employee notice boards, memos and announcements, companies can get the right message out at the right time.

So, have you considered using digital signs to improve employee engagement in your business yet??

Here’s a few creative ways to use digital signage…..

Recognise Your Employees on Digital Signs

Companies recognise the hard work of their employees in different ways. Maybe through an employee of the month award, top salesperson or highlighting charity and sporting events through staff newsletters, emails or on noticeboards.

Businesses are now using digital signage to display employee achievements and some are taking it to the next level by including gamification.

Creating Competition and Fun

Organisations are starting to use gamification techniques through their digital displays to show real-time progress and results.

Leader boards, rankings, scores and challenges can all be displayed on the digital displays to help create healthy competition.

Display the Big Picture

Employees that are disengaged tend to be less productive. Understanding the context of their job and how they help to achieve organisational goals and can re-engage an employee. Try communicating the big picture through digital signage and highlight where teams interact and work together to reach targets or milestones or to get great customer feedback.

Digital Signage and CSR

As new people join a company they will have expectations about what the company is like. A company that takes corporate social responsibility (CSR), as a priority is likely to have their employees feel more connected to them. Many companies are using digital displays to show their various CSR policies and initiatives.

Wrap Up

The benefits of using digital signage to communicate with your target market are there for everyone to see but it is definitely an interesting trend to see this relatively new way of using the technology – to engage with employees.


If you are interested in learning more about what digital signage would improve your employee engagement please get in touch.

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