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Top 10 Digital Signage Solutions from InfoComm 2018


InfoComm is one of the world’s largest professional AV conventions and it attracts 50,000 people from around the world – all eager to see some of the latest tech and next generation products being unleashed on the marketplace! This year it took place in June in Las Vegas and there were over 1,000 exhibitors at the conference, it was a perfect opportunity to view the latest high-end AV equipment and get a sneak preview at what’s coming down the line.

In this article we’re going to take a look back at the event and pick out 10 Top Digital Signage Solutions that featured at the show.

Let’s jump in – up first…..

1.    LG Transparent Colour LED Film Display

LG were one of the big name hitters at the event and their Transparent Colour LED Film Display definitely caught the eye of the crowd. It has the ability to seamlessly turn any window or pane of glass into a customisable digital canvas, completely transforming the surrounding environment!

At InfoComm 2017 a greyscale version was announced but the new colour upgrade is a complete game changer and looks very impressive.

How might you use this in your own office or retail store?? There are tonnes of applications for the LED Film Display…. for example, display your branding and logos on your office windows to increase awareness, show welcome notes for customers as they enter the building or include sale notifications in your shop front windows to increase purchases.

The Film Display is extremely easy to install and made up of a clear 1.5mm thin transparent surface so it won’t get in the way of your day to day operations.

We think it would be ideally suited to areas with high footfall such as shop fronts, museums, public transport hubs, and educational institutes.

2.    Visix Signage Suite

Visix were demo-ing their new platform for digital signage – Signage Suite. It’s basically a full-service solution for companies that want to easily manage, design and create notifications for their digital signs.

There are three elements to Signage Suite:

  1. AxisTV Design – Content Designer
  2. AxisTV Manage – Content Management System (CMS)
  3. AxisTV Engage – Playback Engine

 AxisTV Design – Content Designer

AxisTV Design features several tools enabling you to quickly and easily create content such as messages, templates and layouts. You can then drop in any additional text, images, video etc into your digital signage layouts with a few simple clicks.

AxisTV Manage Content Management System (CMS)

AxisTV Manage works on multiple devices – Mac, PC, tablets etc and allows you to control your entire digital signage deployment from within a web interface. You can add, import and schedule publications all through the CMS with ease.

AxisTV Engage Playback Engine

AxisTV Engage is the playback engine that brings all your hard work to life on the big screen!

3.  Peerless AV Xtreme Outdoor Digital Displays

If you’re after a new outdoor digital display solution Peerless had a few tasty screens from the HB line at the show, and there was lots of interest shown in them over the three days.

The HB Line offers bright and extremely accurate images to be displayed at angles of up to 178 degrees. Of course, the displays offer full 1080p resolution so that you get beautiful rich images and high-quality video footage.

The screens are weatherproof and offer a wide temperature range making them suitable for most outdoor locations.

The outdoor display market has been growing in recent years and we expect this trend to continue in 2019. It will be interesting to see what other manufacturers release in this space over the coming months – to take advantage of the increased demand for high quality outdoor displays.

4.    InFocus Jupiter PixelNet

Designed for large organisations, the Jupitar PixelNet enables you to get high definition visual information displayed onto your video walls. It makes the set-up of complex topologies of inputs, outputs and switches simple yet cost effective.

InFocus say that “the new distributed display wall system increases the density of processing power, connecting more sources and displays to a single input or output node, while providing centralised control to support a wide variety of installations with live audio and video, streaming data, and other real-time sources of information for control rooms, conference rooms, lobby displays, offices and classrooms.

5.    Samsung – The Wall

Samsung, another of the household brand names in attendance, launched The Wall Professional – a modular MicroLED Display – earlier this year and had it on show during InfoComm. It sure does look pretty impressive!

It has been designed to create large video walls that can reproduce deep black levels, rich colours and high levels of contrast – to deliver incredible definition for the viewer.

The Wall is modular and can be taken apart and moved around meaning that you can set up the exact screen size that you want for a particular event or display location.

6.    Philips Q Line Digital Display

The Philips Q Line is a very attractive digital display that delivers clear, deep in-colour images and with it’s low power consumption, it’s very eco-friendly – which is worth highlighting.

This type of screen is ideal for reception areas, board rooms or collaboration spaces.

7.    Premier Mounts – FWM Series Mounting Solutions

A digital display is only as good as the mount system it’s sitting on!

At InfoComm 2018 Premier Mounts showcased its FWM Series Mounting Solution designed for LED displays. They sit about 2.15 inches from the wall and are scalable, due to their modular design, to support large video walls. It looks like they are quick to build and easy to install.

8.    ATEN Modular Matrix Switch

Customers who are upgrading their digital signage solutions typically have two key demands – high resolution with little to no latency. The ATEN Modular Matrix Switch looks pretty impressive and the company claim to be able to satisfy these requirements. The Modular Matrix Switch can also send high resolution low latency video across multiple displays.

It allows the control of up to and including 32 video sources and 32 digital displays through modular I/O boards.

9.    Lighthouse Quantum Dynamic Series

Lighthouse are a Hong Kong based digital display manufacturer who have been selling their screens in the US for about 20 years now. They’ve been pretty successful too and some of their screen can be viewed in the biggest sporting stadiums around the US.

At InfoComm 2018 they showcased their Dynamic Series with the 104-inch and 80-inch models. Both are cable free and can be serviced from the front via a magnetic tool.

The 104-inch is ideally suited for digital signage in a retail or hospitality environment and the smaller 80-inch would work well for wayfinding or perhaps as menu boards in restaurants.

10. Userful Matrixable Video Wall Solutions

The team from Userful had their solution for video walls on display. According to Userful, Matrixable allows users to connect to displays over their local area network (LAN) delivering high quality video with no latency.

This would allow your team members to easily send information to the screens, turning them into state of the art collaboration devices.

A single PC controls the display so that centralised management is a breeze. There’s also the possibility to control multiple displays in different locations via the cloud if this type of functionality is needed.

We think this would be an ideal solution for huddle rooms, board rooms, conference rooms or reception areas.

New Digital Signage Solutions

If you’re interested in acquiring a new digital signage setup for your organisation we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team and let us find the right solution for your business.

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