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Tips to Improve Your Cable & Wire Management

cable management

Cable and wire management will never be the highlight of your AV setup, but how you manage cables and wires can make a big difference in performance and ease of use in complex AV systems in the long run. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

And while your boss probably won’t applaud you on how well you are keeping wires and cables organised, if there is a problem with performance, tangled and confusing wire configurations are the last thing you need to start worrying about. With all that in mind, here’s a few key tips to improve your cable and wire management setup…..

Rack Design

Organisation is key during an AV installation. When you install a complex set of connections, you realise there is something of an art to it.

But are we losing the fine art of rack design? In some cases, the answer is yes.

How cable and wires are managed may seem a bit erratic in the larger AV picture. We’ve all had the experience of looking into a rack space and being dazzled by the maze of cable and wires running off in all directions.

When you are trying to fix a problem with signal flow in minutes rather than hours, good cable management and rack design makes all the difference.

Create Pathways

The most beautiful, intuitively designed video walls, public spaces, or conference rooms don’t make the impact they should when the flow of data is below par. That’s why creating clear and clearly marked pathways for the flow of data through cables and wires is extremely important. Basically, if people are not teasing you for being a touch OCD, you’re not doing it right!!

Here are some basic frameworks to improve clear, efficient pathways for data:

  • Horizontal Rack – Do you take time to label and organise your command centre cable and wire configurations? Horizontal racks are the first line of defence when used and organised properly.
  • Vertical Rack – You understand that when the application calls for space saving and airflow, vertical racks are a good choice. Again, using these tools and installing them well will help you in the long run.
  • Data Patch Panels – Are you using these to consolidate and label cable and wiring? Consider it, because these are a great tool for keeping things clean and organised.

Planning for Expansion

Make sure you take time to plan for expansion. If the current load of cable and wire is a rat’s nest of confusion, adding on later is going to be an absolute nightmare. Think of how your business might evolve and grow over the coming years and be in a position to make the transition smoothly.

Is Good Cable Management Worth It?


When it comes to keeping wires and cables organised, working smarter and not harder means taking time on the front end, so the work of managing the system becomes more streamlined and less complicated.

There is clearly a business case to be made in developing systems that improve cable and wire management. It may cost more in the short term in installation hours, but the payoff – better performance, the option to expand your setup and ease of use – is well worth it.

If you have any questions on cable management our expert team can .

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