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The wide ranging versatility of the flat panel display

One of the most reliable methods of promoting businesses, whether through special offers or brand awareness is through the use of flat panel displays.

Flat panel displays have many advantages over other forms of display advertising. Compared to older display screens they have a much lower profile and higher quality resolution. The narrow form means they are commonly used in shop windows and mounted on walls in shopping centres to alert customers to new products and special offers. Advertisements can be updated and changed at the push of a button with a digital display, potentially saving significant amounts of money on the purchase of traditional signage.

Because they are digital they can be used to display practical information as well as promotional information. Maps and opening hours of shopping centres can be displayed alongside advertisements and promotional material.

This is one of the ways in which flat panels are used in transport. Airports and train stations often use flat panel screens to display timetables and other information for arrivals and departures such as delays or cancellations. It is an effective and clear means of keeping passengers and commuters informed.

Cinemas use display panels in a similar way, informing customers of film times, films that have been sold out and cancelled screenings. The same screen can be used to alternate between displaying screening times and displaying trailers and commercials for films that are showing or are coming soon.

Flat panel displays are not only used to display information in public spaces. Many corporate institutions install display monitors in open areas such as lobbies. The flat panel screens often show promotional material informing potential clients of projects the company is working for or simply short programmes or films that convey the business’ ethos or goals. Used in this manner display panels are highly effective at creating a sense of a company’s identity and instilling potential clients and partners with confidence in a company’s brand.

Promotion is not the only area in which flat panels find use in corporate spheres. At the heart of all business is communication and flat panel display monitors are used to dramatically enhance the potential of business communication. Modern video conferencing systems used digital displays to provide businesses with the ability to talk face to face with partners and clients across any distance.

Very large displays can be used to create a system known as telepresence. This provides a complete video conferencing experience where participants can really feel as if they are together in the same boardroom. This enables meetings to happen in as intuitive and natural manner as possible.

Like retail and corporate sectors the educational sector also employs digital displays in a range of applications. Information displays can alert students and parents to changes in schedules of classes or holidays. In universities large fitted flat panel displays can make cost effective alternatives to projections systems.

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