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The versatile applications of digital signs

Wireless communication means digital signs are now a legitimate alternative to traditional signage in places like bus shelters and in shopping centres.

Ads can be remotely changed and even set to a schedule. A whole network of advertising platforms can be changed at the press of a button. Multiple ads can be easily cycled through. The initial outlay for a digital sign is quickly recouped in savings made from not having to physically change a printed sign at each individual location.

The possibilities are even broader for digital signage, offering the potential to provide movement and animation or transitions between different images. Innovative promotional campaigns can be carried out with different signs in an area relaying interrelated messages, perhaps providing clues for a promotional competition. The potential applications of digital signage are much broader than most other media.

Digital display signs are inherently illuminated which means that they display in all lighting conditions and additional lighting need not be supplied. This can result in further savings in electricity as LCD displays are energy efficient and external lighting also requires maintenance and regular replacement.

Digital displays are ideal for use in corporate lobbies. Here they can be used to promote branding and other forms of corporate identity, such as mission statements and product or service promotion. A clear and well presented display can make a great impression on potential clients as they arrive at corporate premises.

They can also be useful internally to display up to date information to employees and customers. In the financial sector where key commodity and share prices may need to be referenced minute by minute a large clear display, visible to all may save significant amounts of time. Instead of switching through multiple windows on a workstation to find the information employees can simply look up at a display.

Rail, airline and other transport stations implement digital signage effectively to display up to date departure and arrival times for travellers. Digital screens displaying this information require significantly less maintenance than traditional mechanical signs and can be placed in many locations around a large airport or station at relatively little cost. Updating displays with changes in information can be done instantly.

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