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The new age of Digital Signage, Ireland leads the way.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a great way of marketing your business that’s growing in popularity in the commercial sector. Why? For a start, it’s incredibly cost effective. Once you’ve spent the initial outlay on your digital signage, it’s possible to make changes to your signage at will. Making changes is absolutely free and the ongoing cost of running your digital signage is only going to be a small amount of electricity! Digital signage can also be animated as an extra way of catching peoples attention.

Maybe you own a shop on the high-street or within a shopping centre. You can use digital signage in your windows instead of conventional window display. Not only does digital signage look highly professional but you can use it to advertise special offers and as a way to communicate special deals. Animated digital signs will catch people’s attention far easier than static signs. When we see something moving we can’t help but look, it’s human nature! As an added bonus digital signage is obviously much better for the environment than having conventional signs printed every few months – then discarded! Win, win all round!

If you want to target commuters getting the DART every morning you can use digital signage to display your marketing message or branding. If you look around the main DART stations in Dublin such as Tara Street or Pearse Street there are several digital signage displays.

Advances in technology even mean that you can use wireless technology with your digital signs. Digital signs can be installed quickly, easily and with a minimum of fuss, without all those wires and cables getting in the way and making a mess. You can have an unlimited number of digital signs installed – all controlled from a single central computer. With little effort spent at a central computer, changes can be made to an entire network of digital signs. The existing applications of digital signs are barely scratching the surface.

One thing is certain. Applications of Digital Signage are going to continue to evolve. The best way to be sure of staying ahead of the competition is to upgrade to a Digital Signage solution. It’s simple, flexible and cost effective.

Digital Signage at Meritec

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