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The modern day projector

One would have expected these visual aids to have disappeared from classrooms altogether, being replaced by computer labs, personal tablets and flat screen televisions. The reality however, is that projectors still hold a number of advantages over these other teaching aids and have so evolved in their application that these other, more expensive aids are not required.

What does the projector bring to the blackboard?

  • Size – Although still not reduced to the size of a tablet, these devices have greatly reduced in size and increased in style, now more resembling a television decoder. This means that it can be positioned or mounted anywhere it is best utilised and out of sight. It is also not uncommon to see them in plain sight in studios and home theatres where they form part of the technological interior.
  • Cost – Making use of this visual aid still works out incredibly inexpensive, as not much more is needed in terms on hardware. It requires no software to function, will not need to be upgraded every five years and can be used again and again. This is a much more feasible an option that providing each student with a tablet.
  • Clarity – Blurry, warped and grainy images need no longer be part-and-parcel of the projector. Apart from the fact that these are automatically discounted when the device is connected to a computer, as opposed to a written piece of paper, these inconsistencies can now be corrected with the use of manual settings.
  • Interactivity – One of the most common uses of modern projectors in classrooms is the interactive whiteboard. Here all members of the discussion can manipulate and interact with the projected image via touch. This simple set-up goes a long way in involving all present parties and creates a fun, practical means of visual communication, to which audio elements can easily be added.

Where is there still space for the projector?

  • Classrooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Home Theatres
  • Training facilities
  • Concerts
  • Studios

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