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The Future of Technology in the Classroom…Here Now!

A Revolution in the Classroom? From Whiteboard Projectors to Digital Signs


Technology in the classroom

Today’s classrooms look much different than they did a decade ago. Gone are the days of writing lines and rote learning. Traditional chalkboards have been replaced with digital whiteboards and classrooms are filled with tablets, iPads and other gadgets.

The modern classroom offers a whole new learning experience. Virtual reality can place students in completely immersive environments. It lets them experience all kinds of different things we could only have imagined before – like a different planet’s gravity, for instance.

Adaptive learning systems model the way they teach around the individual students learning needs… and attempt to provide students with new challenges based on where they are at personally, as opposed to where the class is at generally.


Technology skills is a modern career requirement.

Technology is intrinsic to most jobs these days so teaching students how to properly utilize it will set them up for a brighter future. It is more important now than ever before to teach young people the 21st century skills that will be required of them in jobs such as computer analysts, engineers and software developers. In fact, IT skills will be required of them for almost every career path – most jobs today are either completely digital or have a digital component to them.

And so by using tech in the classroom – you are setting students up for success by giving them the essential skills required in the workforce.

Technology is fundamental in Education

Not only does technology make learning more fun, but it also makes it more interesting. The subjects which students normally think of as boring become more interesting and engaging through the use of technology. Learning math formulae and memorising vocabulary becomes more exciting when they take the form of a game on an iPad. Subjects which students can often find challenging such as science or history become much easier to learn through a hands-on virtual lesson experience. New technological aids are being developed every day and experts are finding new and innovative ways to keep students engaged.

Educators are recognising the importance of developing technological skills and so are embracing and integrating technology into the classroom more than ever before. Although some may argue that technology is a distraction… many others claim it can create a more engaging learning environment. Consequently, this help students learn at their own pace and make learning more fun.


It’s not just the student who benefits…

It isn’t just the students who benefit from the integration of technology in schools. Automation can speed up tedious, time-consuming tasks, such as keeping track of student attendance and performance. Engagement tools can help streamline grading for assignments, discussions and participation, as well as answer common student questions. Teachers and administrators can take full advantage of the new systems, freeing up more time to focus on the students.


Technology in the classroom examples…

Meritec #1 Interactive solutions

Some of the most popular classroom technologies revolve around creating an interactive environment. Meritec offers a variety of interactive solutions. These include interactive projectors (which facilitate turning any wall into a screen) and interactive flat panels (which allow any whiteboard or flat surface to be transformed into an interactive scree).

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are also very popular. interactive whiteboards such as those from the world leading provider SMART – who have a great affordable Interactive Whiteboard called the SB480 that are proving to be a great hit with schools now and for 2020.

Meritec #2 Digital Signs

Technology can even be used to improve communication among students, parents and staff. A very effective way of doing this is by utilising Digital signs. Meritec Digital Signs software will allow you to simply create a page, choose a template then update a screen which can be shared across the school via the newly installed digital sign monitors. This application of technology can help spread information quicker throughout the school and become the go to source of school notices.

Meritec #3 Assembly Areas

Need to present to large groups in your school? Whether it’s for a staff meeting or a daily assembly – a bespoke audio visual solution is often required. Using a range of technologies available we usually visit the school to evaluate the assembly area requirements.

Meritec #4 Visualisers

Visualisers, also known as document cameras, are one of the many products that Meritec supply to schools in Ireland. They are extremely user friendly and easily integrate with existing projection screens or even regular whiteboards. They can be used as a teaching aid and help students to visualize what they are learning. Their easy set up and use makes this tool extremely accessible to schools only in the beginning of integrating these new technologies.

Meritec #5 NCTE Projector Framework

Looking to install a projector and mount to the wall? The projector will then project on to an existing standard whiteboard or a screen or an interactive whiteboard. Check out NCTE Projector Framework for more info.


Final Words on Technology in Education

Technology is always developing and revealing new capabilities. We are, after all, in the revolution of tech. The potential of its application within an academic setting is an exciting one. The students of today are already digital natives, having grown up with the internet and always being connected. Imagine what they would be capable of if lessons were brought to them not only in a way that they enjoyed but also that they understood and retained.

For a full overview of school technologies supplied by Meritec check out here for more info. If you would like any further information whether it be projector screens in Ireland or anything else – please contact us.