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The Best Video Conferencing Hardware for your Business

Best video conferencing hardware for business


The modern workplace is changing dramatically. And one big part of that change is the widespread use of video conferencing. With a move toward remote working or at the very least a hybrid workplace – video conferencing is now a simple must for many businesses.


And with that, there are many video conferencing solutions to consider. But how do you know which one to pick?.. and which is best for your business?


In this article, we look at the best video conferencing hardware for your business. Let’ start off with 2 of the big software-based video conference room solutions:


1)    Zoom Rooms


Zoom Rooms is a versatile choice. As a physical conference room software – it allows you to use a tablet, computer, camera, microphone and more to hold virtual meetings using the Zoom platform. It’s dynamic and very (very) easy to use.


What are the Benefits?

  • Interactive white boarding with screen sharing and annotation. (This allows for easy communication as if participants were in the room together)
  • Wireless
  • Easy to use Content Sharing
  • Quick set-up time
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Simplified Scheduling
  • Cut the cords and clutter of conference rooms
  • Centralize Room Management – you can manage everything simply from 1 single portal.


What kind of Business are Zoom Rooms best for?

Any. From Boardrooms to huddle spacesZoom Rooms is very versatile.


2)    Microsoft Teams Rooms


Similar to Zoom Rooms – A Microsoft Teams Room is basically a meeting room that is enabled to use Microsoft teams. The core concept behind Microsoft Teams Rooms is to streamline the process of conference call meetings. Again it’s smooth UX is definitely a selling point.


What are the Benefits?

  • Content Camera with Intelligent Capture
  • Proximity Detection
  • One Touch Join
  • Easy to use and adaptable
  • Wireless
  • Easy Screen Sharing


What kind of Business are Microsoft Teams Rooms best for?

Any. From Boardrooms to huddle spaces – Microsoft Teams Rooms is also very versatile.


Ok so both seem similar – which is the best option between Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms?


That depends on a couple of factors.


Do you have a preference for Zoom or Microsoft Teams?.. as a general video conferencing service? Both solutions orientate around the use of these video conferencing platforms – so if you prefer one; that could swing it.


Are you already a user of office 365? If so, Microsoft Teams Room is automatically included in this.


How customised do you need it? Zoom Rooms probably edges it in terms of more hardware options and customisation.


That said, it depends on your room, scope, budget and your video platform preference. And one of the best ways to know this, is having a conversation with a trusted video conferencing company.


Make sense?


Ok, so now we have covered 2 of the physical conference room software’s. Now let’s look at some of the solutions which greatly complement and integrate with the above.


3)    Crestron Solutions


The Crestron Flex Solutions for Teams and Zoom and Unified Communications will meet many if not all of your requirements. As it’s compatible with the above platforms (and more); Crestron Solutions has a number of tech inputs that can work for your business.


For example, the Crestron Flex M-Series allows for a seamless and efficient meeting experience with its table-top devices. Every element is heard, and every participant is seen, every piece of the richest content. With Quad Array microphones – literally every voice at the table can be picked up clearly within a range of 20 feet.

Furthermore, it’s an isolated acoustic – so no matter where you are positioned at the table, the same high sound quality applies to every voice.


Plus with a 4k camera, the precision and clarity of the images generated is also of the very highest quality.


4)    Poly (Formerly Polycom) Solutions



Poly has solutions for both teams and zoom along with other platforms making it a very adaptable choice. Depending on your room size, there are a number of options such as


  • Polycom Group 300 – this is ideal for smaller meeting rooms with up to 3 or 4 participants.
  • Polycom Group 500 – this video collaboration system is perfect for small and medium-sized meeting/conference rooms with up to 2 screens.
  • Polycom Group 700 – this is a more advanced and comprehensive system which has a big focus on collaboration and ideal for larger rooms.
  • Polycom CX8000 – This is a dedicated conference room collaboration solution which is purpose built for Microsoft UC.


Like Crestron, Poly has a number of options which can be used with different software’s.


5)    Goto Collaboration Solutions

GoTo has a number of different collaboration systems that really simplify remote working and secure business continuity. These include:


  • GoTo Webinar
  • GoToTraining
  • GoTo Connect


In terms of Video Conferencing for your business – GoToConnect provides a seamless way for your employees to collaborate through a single browser, desktop or mobile application and…to stay productive and connected from anywhere. Although video conferencing is not the main feature alone – GoTo Connect certainly warrants a mention, considering the many other benefits it brings to the table.


What is the Best Video Conferencing software for a Small Business?

This a common question, and ultimately your choice will come down to a number of factors such as budget, number of employees remote vs in person, room size etc. There are free versions of vc platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and more. However, they might not be enough in your case.


Choosing the dedicated hardware such as microphones, speakers, cameras (and more) is where a conversation with an AV integrator can make a big difference. Different specifications require tailored approaches.


Want Video Conferencing for your business? Consider Meritec

While the future of video conferencing will continue to evolve in terms of the tech available – it is here to stay for most companies. And so, choosing the right setup for your business is vital.

Chat with us today, so we can understand your business, video conferencing needs and ultimately to help set you up for success.