The Advantages of Audio Visual Solutions for Education

This has been well documented in many academic studies.

Students react better to audio visual aids as they are found to be more attentive and take a greater interest in the subject matter. It has far greater illustrative qualities for students than reading textbooks for the same information where there is greater need for intense concentration and information retention is significantly decreased.

Learning through audio visual means is the next best thing to being in a certain situation or being involved practically with a subject when it is not actually physically possible for the student to do so.

It promotes conversation among the students as they are found to be more engaged with the subject matter. They may find humour in what they see, or it may inspire a number of emotions making the presentation much more memorable and entices class discussion after the presentation. The benefits are manifold.

Meritec is an audio visual specialist and we are among 6 approved suppliers under the NCTE framework. (Frameworks are processes that ensure that schools obtain the best value for money when procuring services or products. A company must meet specific requirements in order to be approved under framework.)

Comfort and lack of glare are big considerations when choosing a projector. When striving for the most conducive to learning and comfortable presentation during a class, glare can pose a considerable problem. To minimise glare we recommend our Ultra Short Throw Projectors. The projectors lower glare for both pupil and teacher ensuring a more pleasant learning experience.

We have found Hitachi to have to produce the best Short Throw Projectors and we have supplied these to over 2000 classrooms. They have a number of special qualities. 80% of schools opt for the Hitachi Ultra Short Throw Projector.


We supply two Ultra Short Throw Projectors – the IPJAW250 and the CPAW250. The only essential difference between the two units is that one, the CPAW250 has full interactivity. Both of them have a HDMI Connection.

These projectors offer the best quality image possible. They are both easy to attach and can be mounted very close to the wall. Shadows on the projector screen are minimised ensuring better picture/video quality.

Having a quality projection system in a classroom makes both teaching and learning easier. Audio visual means of teaching can make a class interesting. This mode of presentation takes away some of the less effective practices of teaching such as discussing a topic for lengthy periods – students’ minds will invariably wander. It’s natural. Audio visual teaching aids are proven to be memorable, thought provoking, stimulating and appeal to students on multiple levels.

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