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The 4th Industrial Revolution impacts audio visual solutions. Are You ready?

Technology in AV

Undoubtedly as we head into the year 2020, it is generally accepted that this era is evolving rapidly like never before. Change is abundant in the technology space … and AV is on the vanguard of this revolution. Let’s delve a little deeper.


It could even be said that the revolution is fun full swing already. It’s been rippling out since the dawn of the internet. And just as industries like retail, hospitality and transportation have seen massive disruption with big players like Amazon, Air BNB and Uber… Audio visual solutions are also in the heart of this disruptive mix. What we do is at the intersection of this disruption: IoT, AR/VR, Voice, etc. There’s no denying the presence of technological revolution.  The more pertinent question is – How are you preparing your business to thrive amid revolutionary change?


Survival Skills for the Revolution

Let’s examine some of the job skills required for jobs of the future, and how AV roles can adapt to these skills. In a recent Forbes article, Bernard Marr wrote about this new industrial revolution and highlighted 10 fundamental job skills to meet the demands of work from 2020 and longer term. They are:


  1. Data Literacy
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Tech Savviness
  4. Adaptability and Flexibility
  5. Creativity
  6. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  7. Cultural Intelligence and Diversity
  8. Leadership Skills
  9. Judgment and Complex Decision Making
  10. Collaboration


There may be some unexpected inclusions on this list. It’s worth taking into consideration these changes may affect your workplace. You might have strategies around staying current with data literacy, tech-savviness, and even collaboration. Is your team and your colleagues developing and upskilling in areas like leadership, critical thinking and cultural intelligence?


The workplace and the associated projects that we work in are becoming increasingly complicated and technical. In the world of AV, we’re creating pathways for communication that aid in learning and— in verticals like healthcare—even saving lives. From huddle spaces and boardroom av solutions to soft codec, to we constantly strive to stay relevant.


Developing and harnessing these skills takes deliberate action on your part. It’s easy and quite understandable to sit back and be utterly astonished at what is possible with things like augmented-reality contact lenses and 3-dimensional views of everything from the human endocrine system to life on other planets. However, we must embrace the current reality and the skills required to move forward in the workplace.


Revolutionary Ideas


Big shifts in the way we work require big ideas. How does developing skills like data literacy, EQ, and creativity translate into day-to-day work? At the end of the day, these skills and big ideas are all put to the test at the human scale.


Futurum Research offers some clues as to what any industry can do to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Let’s examine some of these concepts and how they play into AV Integration work.


  • Core Idea #1: Serving a Segment of One, at scale, becomes not only possible but also practical when rigid platforms systems and processes are replaced by those that can be “smartly” customized configured and personalized and ultimately distilled through insights gleaned through machine learning. Therefore, we will need to continue constructing tech, data and collaboration competencies as we create displays that interact with audiences using targeted data to reach their ideal audience.


  • Core Idea #2: Digital Smart Products with embedded software can not only be configured to meet new or changing requirements but also to reduce rework.


  • Core Idea #3: Servitization and New Business Models – one dynamic of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the as-a-service economy. Depending on your business, there may be an opportunity to service and maintain.


The Future of Work in AV Integration


At the end of the day, these skills and big ideas need to translate into results for your business. You’ve probably noticed the skills needed are a mix of soft/ interpersonal and technical skills.


How you convert those skills and ideas into your workflow, culture and deliverables is up to you. Whatever route you take, the revolution is here and its not going away.


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