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In today’s office environment, we have got to the stage that we are so heavily dependent on technology to communicate with customers, staff and suppliers, that the AV setup can greatly impact productivity – poor connectivity and hassle with equipment often results in hours of wasted time. But the reverse is also true – the right set-up can facilitate collaboration, speedy decision-making and increased productivity.

Standardising your AV setup allows your business to become more interconnected across different locations. Simplifying your AV solution and investing in a standardised AV system will deliver measurable benefits straight away.

Making the Move to Standardisation

If your organisation is an early adopter and had AV solutions installed in one or more business locations, chances are there’s a few different setups in place – computer monitors, phones lines, video displays, and control rooms. This may have been a necessity at the time as the business grew organically but maybe now’s the time to take stock and to examine the AV setup – as it could well be decreasing your team’s efficiency and limiting its ability to collaborate. If that’s the case this will already sound familiar and you are probably having issues managing different setups in each location or maybe you’re having hassle with minor differences in systems in the same location. Standardisation will help tackle these problems.

Benefits to a Standardised AV Solution

Apart from the obvious headaches caused by trying to integrate different systems, there’s a number of benefits to a standardised AV Solution:

Increase Teams Mobility

If team members need to move from office to office periodically, they don’t need to learn a whole new system when they change location. They can instantly use the AV system, so if they need to setup a video conference call or host a meeting they know exactly how to operate the displays etc.

This reduces any downtime and allows for the proper allocation of IT support resources.

Integrated Systems

It is much easier to manage one system than trying to force two different systems to integrate. Using the same AV hardware, software and operating systems across your different locations can greatly increase efficiency and productivity.

Employee training becomes much easier as team members will only need to learn one setup. Also upgrading to new software versions becomes much more manageable and less resource heavy.


If problems do occur having one standardised AV solution will make finding any errors a lot more straightforward. IT support teams will be able to troubleshoot problems in less time resulting in reduced down times. Also having one AV system allows for quicker disaster recovery.

Get the Right AV Solution with Professional Help

Today, being able to communicate with your customers and have employees collaborate quickly and smoothly is key to commercial success. Whether you’re trying to increase internal communications and collaboration within the business or give your customers a better service, having the right tools in place is important.

An advanced AV solution can be the answer to a fast and efficient business. We can help you to define the goals for your AV setup and then create the solution that works for your business. Standardising your AV system will make your life easier in the long run – and your business more productive.

Get in Touch

If you are considering upgrading your AV setup or implementing a new system for the first time, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. Together we can find the right system.

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