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SPECIAL OFFER: Touchless technology for safer spaces from only €803


As the lockdown comes to an end and we begin to make the transition back into commercial workspaces, there is a lot of questions around how to ensure the safety of employees. One of the biggest trends emerging from this is the adoption of smart products that can ease us back into the world without worrying about touching everything around us. – and the germs that lurk on surfaces!

Crestron AirMedia® 2.0 will help reduce the risk of infection through the use of shared IT – by giving conference rooms and collaboration spaces the ability to be entirely touchless. While some people may think of AirMedia as simply a smart workaround to the HDMI cable, it can do so much more than just share content. Crestron describes it as walking into a meeting space and the room “knowing” you are there, automatically waking up the display and other hardware devices. All systems and tools can then be controlled and operated through the individual’s personal smart device. What this means is there is no need to be touching cables or any of the hardware – which will greatly reduce the risk of spreading unwanted germs!

Not only is this a great way forward that can allow us to re-enter the workspace with peace of mind, but Crestron is also offering it at an extra special “Return to Work” price at the moment. This makes it attainable and feasible for any size business to be as prepared as possible for the new abnormal that we all face!

They are offering incredible discounts with the aim of helping businesses get back to work and stay on top of all the new safety regulations expected of them. The AM-200-OCC KIT which would usually have cost you €2,280 is now available for a mere €803 if you buy it from an approved supplier.


What Features Does it Offer?

  • Meeting Room availability and booking software

By integrating your calendar software of choice (Microsoft outlook, Google Calendar etc.) you can automate the management of meeting spaces. When you enter the Creston AirMedia 2.0 optimised room and the system “wakes up” it will display the name of the meeting and person who booked the space. You will then confirm that it is in fact you and get on with your meeting with everything already lined up and ready to go.

  • Ambient branding and messaging

Add an extra touch of professionalism to your meetings with this user friendly and seamless way to incorporate your businesses messaging and logos.

  • Wireless sharing from YOUR device

Seamlessly share content to all participants whether they’re in the room or joining remotely. All you need is your own device to click, tap or swipe it up to the shared screen. By ensuring that each participant is only using their own personal devices, there is much less cross contamination and worry around the cleanliness of meeting rooms.

  • Room Intelligence, Automation and Security

The AirMedia AM-200 and AM-300 wireless presentation systems have built-in room control and automation. You can configure the system, including peripheral devices such as a display/projector and touch screen, to automatically power on and off based on business hours you set or via occupancy (using a paired occupancy sensor).

This means you simply enter the room and the system is operational. Again, no physical interaction with any device other than your own. You have the peace of mind that conference rooms will be operational when you need them to be, and not consuming power when not in use.


In Conclusion

If you are interested in getting your office spaces set up with the newly enhanced Crestron AirMedia, please get in contact with us. At this price there has never been a better time to embrace touchless technology!

Understanding your room, the challenges you are trying to solve, your way of working and your budget is all useful so that we can design the right costed solution to meet these requirements – perfectly.