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Smart Kiosks – The Future of Connecting Citizens and Consumers

smart kiosk ireland

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in full swing; we see connected devices everywhere from smartwatches to smart speakers and we’ve even seen a self-driving mini bus on the streets of Dublin!

Another device we are encountering more and more is the smart kiosk. Combining high quality touch screens and internet connectivity allows smart kiosks to answer peoples questions, order products, find out what’s exciting and new or what is happening in a certain location, and to get directions to services like restaurants and other points of interest. Smart kiosks make a lot sense and the public enjoy using them.

Who’s Going Smart?

Smart kiosks provide real-time information such as upcoming events and wayfinding, with messages that can be easily changed remotely via the cloud and as frequently as required.

As they’re so versatile, we’re seeing real-life applications are popping up anywhere you might find high levels of footfall.

Let’s have a look at some areas where smart kiosks can be of real benefit……

Urban Aras

There’s a big opportunity to use more smart kiosks in city centres and urban areas. Wayfinding for tourist, displaying events or things happening in the local area, or maybe even just a place to plug in your phone for a few minutes and give that battery a boost! Also they can be packed with information so interested parties can learn about the local points of interest.

Smart Cities

Smart kiosks are a big step in the process of becoming smart city. Both London and  New York have installed  kiosks and they are being heavily used by locals and tourists alike. In New York they often take the place that was once occupied by a telephone booth.


For students’ smart kiosks can be a welcome addition to the campus. Universities can use them as digital bulletin boards to display information. Students are able to click on the touch screens to learn about what’s happening on and off campus.

For new students arriving on campus the kiosks can be very useful and provide directions to lecture theatres.

Smart kiosks enable universities to embrace diversity…. Often colleges and universities are packed with students of different nationalities who will be able to use the smart kiosks, where the relevant information can be translated into a variety of different languages.

smart kiosk mcdonalds

For Consumers

Business applications for smart kiosks begin with simplifying and streamlining the sale process. Whether it’s ordering a Big Mac in McDonalds or checking out the description and availability of products in a shop, touch screen and internet-enabled kiosks are helping consumers make purchase decisions.

Smart kiosks can become part of a broader retail strategy that includes using cameras to map hotspots and dead zones in you shops footprint. Interactive digital signage can make customers aware of promotions or provide added information to help encourage purchases.

So get ready for the future – it’s smart!

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