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Are You Ready to Take Advantage of AV Analytics, Data & AI Automation?

AV analytics

It’s all about mobile devices…. Nowadays we all walk through our daily lives as if our smart phones are glued to our hands. In the world of AV, mobile must be factored into our plans more and more.

Understanding where people are (Data) knowing what that means for how they use AV (Analytics) and the ways people are interacting with new tech and how it’s interacting back (AI) is important. It could be the difference between gaining a competitive advantage or losing the edge.

AV is moving past any one individual setup and into the realm where screens and devices surround us.

What opportunities does they present for your business?

Let’s take a little look…..

Data for AV Decisions

Digital signage is the leading the way when it comes to making the most of big data. There’s no surprise here, considering how interconnected digital signage and the advertising industry are and data can be very powerful here.

Your business can harness the data available to it and establish the metrics that tells it when and where an AV solution will be useful and impactful. Using your data means having the confidence you are making the right decisions for your AV setup.

With data, you properly plan rolling out any new project – a new video wall, collaboration space, or a revamp of meeting rooms across all your locations.

AV Analytics

Analytics helps you understand and respond to usage of your AV setup. Are your team using video conferencing more often or less frequently than in the past? Perhaps they are using audio-only conferencing more now? What meeting rooms are getting booked the most, and what makes them popular? Where are high and low levels of engagement taking place with your digital signage?

Analytics helps you understand your own business far more clearly and plan correctly for the future.

The Future – AI Automation

Currently AI integration more commonly seen with voice activation. All the big tech players have voice activated smart devices in the market and this is a space with massive potential. As more of these devices become common place, voice activation and the flow of information will increase exponentially.

When we begin to see AI being fully integrated, where both data and analytics all align together it will unleased some very powerful real-time opportunities.

The range of applications is near limitless – we are only at the tip of the iceberg.




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