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Providing powerful educational resources to students with WLAN for schools in Ireland

It is not likely to be long before a classroom without internet access is as rare as a classroom without books. Wireless local area networks or WLAN for schools in Ireland are the means by which the internet will be brought into the classroom.

The benefits that can come from WLAN in schools in Ireland are numerous. Tablets and other mobile devices are becoming ever more affordable. In comparison to the cost of buying 12 or more years worth of text books the cost of one tablet or e-reader that can download all of those texts digitally is likely to represent a substantial saving in the future.

It also creates a means for children to become educationally independent with teachers providing students resource that allow them to discover information and knowledge for themselves, through researching and referencing additional sources. WLAN for schools in Ireland also enables teachers to be more flexible, dynamic and efficient in the classroom. They can bring up resources from the internet, download from up to date databases and work with individual students while teaching the rest of the class with their own portable device.

There are some challenges posed by installing WLAN in schools. One difficulty is the typical design of schools which tend to be spread out over a large area and built with thick walls. Cost is another factor. Limited school budgets mean the system and its installation must be inexpensive and IT resources for managing the system are likely to be scarce. The schedule employed by all schools means that there will be inevitable spikes at certain times of the day as all students log in at once such as in the morning and after lunch.

Meritec provide audio visual services to schools and businesses around Ireland. They also provide and install comprehensive and easy to use WLAN systems from Extricom. Extricom systems are simple to install and require minimal management. They are also highly secure and provide blanket coverage over large areas with their innovative cell based architecture.

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