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Meritec, providing high quality video conferencing in Ireland

corporate-video-conferencingOne of the key areas Meritec provide their expertise in is video conferencing for Ireland. With the growth of business, particularly in the technology sector, Irish companies and organisations have an ever increasing requirement for high quality video conferencing solutions.

The breadth of technological integration in business means that more diverse sectors are interrelated and establishing clear and effective channels of communication across these broad networks is critical to greater success in business. Video conferencing in Ireland plays a large part of this capability.

Modern businesses, large and small, often require the interactions of experts from many diverse fields, whether internal to a single company or between clients and partners of multiple companies, facilitating clear communication between these groups makes their combined capabilities even more valuable. In a scenario where a finance department, a marketing department and an IT department are coordinating under the supervision of executives, making sure each party understands the requirements and positions of the others is vital to the success of the company. However it may not always be possible for all of these representatives to be in the same room at the same time. Video conferencing allows for all parties to explain their positions as clearly as possible to each other.

Establishing new partnerships and engaging new clients can also be increasingly difficult in a globally networked business environment where partners can be located anywhere in the world. Video conferencing enables the smooth development of business relationships that are strong and based on clear mutual understanding.

Meritec also supply teleconferencing systems to public sector bodies particularly as government entities play an ever greater role in establishing and building international trade relationships. Other non business related public sector services are also recognising the benefits of video conferencing in Ireland. It allows sectors such as healthcare to avail of international expertise and advice.

Educational institutions are similarly able to avail of international exposure through conferencing systems. Universities can provide students with lectures from international lecturers without the expense or inconvenience of the lecturer having to travel.

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