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Meritec provide quality video conferencing in Ireland

corporate-video-conferencingDeveloping new business partnerships and maintaining existing ones requires the ability to communicate with ease. Video conferencing provides for a wide number of ways for business to enhance communication between different business and within single businesses. Meritec sell and provide installation services for high quality video conferencing in Ireland.

Installation of a video conferencing system can potentially save thousands of work hours for travelling sales representatives, enabling business partners to have direct access to company directors and executives. The technological infrastructure now in place throughout Ireland makes video conferencing a viable option for business of all sizes.

Meritec has a range of video conferencing options to suit every type of business operating in Ireland.Small to medium sized teleconferencing solutions are ideal for a range of practical tasks. Interviewing prospective employees can be carried out with these systems. They are also suitable for inter-office communication where a business may be spread out across several buildings or campuses. Purpose built training rooms are typically fitted with small to medium sized systems. This allows one trainer to provide training to multiple groups in different locations at the same time or to give a series of training sessions to smaller groups in one location remotely.

It is not only business organisations that can benefit from video conferencing in Ireland. Many schools and universities use video conferencing for a number of different applications. Schools may use such systems to allow classes to interact with other classes in different towns or even different countries. This gives children the opportunity to find out about the culture and hobbies of children in other areas. Universities often use teleconferencing for discussions about standardisation with other universities or to enable guest lecturers to speak at a college where it is difficult for them to attend physically.

Meritec also supply and install large scale telepresence video conferencing systems around Ireland. For larger businesses that need to conference on a regular basis this system occupies a full wall to create the sense that all parties are in the same board room.

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