Meeting Room AV Solutions: Working Together to Find the Right Solution


Finding the right AV solution for your meeting room is critical in a modern business. Today’s meeting rooms are now used to virtually meet with clients and staff in various locations, often on the other side of the world.

Traditionally the facility manager was responsible for making AV decisions, but things have become extremely technical and now we often see IT involved in decision making on the setup of a meeting room’s AV.

It is important to work with a solution provider that has experience in this area and can guide your team through the process, helping find the best possible solution for your business.

Achieving Your AV Goals

It is essential that you know what your goals are and how you are going to realise them when investing in a new AV solution. At a minimum you’re going to want high quality streaming video with audio that everyone can hear and of course, you’ll want all this to work without any technical difficulties – but how will this be achieved?

There’s a number of steps that need to be considered some of which are obvious and some not so much…..

Have you thought about room acoustics? Organisations occasionally overlook the acoustics of the room. In fact, this is often a very important consideration and it may be necessary to tweak the acoustics slightly to improve the sound quality. Simple enhancements such as blocking out spill from other rooms can have a big impact on the overall sound quality.

What about microphones? Getting good quality microphones so that clients and staff on the other end of a video call can hear everything is another crucial piece of the puzzle.

If you want seamless video conferencing, acoustics and microphones play a big role in achieving it. An experienced AV specialist will be able to advise you on the best setup.

Deciding on the Budget

Setting the budget for any technology upgrade can be a tricky task but again, communication is key. Work closely with your AV integrator to plan out the upgrades, set out what you want to achieve and then make sure everything comes in within budget.

A well planned out meeting room can be used for numerous activities and greatly enhance the productivity of staff meetings so make sure to get it right.

One way of shaping your budget might be to create a set of ‘good, better, and best’ solutions. Putting quality and price on together on a scale so that you can easily see what is achievable within different budgets.

Finding the Right Solutions Together

We often work closely with IT teams, or various departments who then consult with their IT on the meeting room project and getting this input from across the board – at the outset – is extremely important.

By working together with the right people in your team and allowing us to bring our blend of experience to the project we can achieve the optimal conference room environment – together.

Getting a clear understanding of your plans and your issues helps our team manage the process of finding the best meeting room AV solutions.

If you are planning a new meeting room setup for 2019 please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any pointers or have any queries on the options available.