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How Managed Services Can Provide Worry Free Video Conferencing



video conferencing managed services

Not too long ago it was all about get the latest and high spec AV equipment into the business. Now things have changed a little and there’s a lot more devices on the market to choose from. Also, employees have even started to bring in some of their own equipment to work, meaning you need to have a very flexible system that can work with all these new devices.

Organisations are beginning to take a different view on AV and are considering how their employees interact with the technology.

If you staff are using video conferencing equipment they’re going to want to be confident that all the technical aspects will work as they should. Nothing is more frustrating than connections dropping or poor audio during the video call and no one needs that added stress or embarrassment. On top of the frustration it could result in the work being delayed or cancelled altogether.

So, what can be done to help create wonderful video conferencing where everybody in every room is able to be seen and heard???

Thanks to the latest cloud technologies, managed services in AV provide companies with the comfort that a team of professionals are looking after their Audio-Visual requirements. Comprehensive, hassle free, hands on support allows companies to outsource their enterprise wide AV requirements with peace of mind.

Here’s a couple of benefits of outsourcing worth considering…….

Benefits of AV Managed Services

Maximising your video conferencing setup is the name of the game – allowing it to contribute to the whole organisation. Whether that’s improving collaboration between teams and employees, improving productivity or communicating with customers – outsourcing can help you do all of that….

Flexible & Scalable

Having a managed AV solution opens the door to a whole host of possibilities when you need to upgrade the system or seamlessly integrate new employee devices. The needs of a modern business change rapidly so having greater flexibility to choose the exact upgrade required or remove old functions that are no longer needed is important.

We’ve found that particularly within technology companies managed service AV solutions work well. Lots of tech companies have employees working remotely who need to collaborate with fellow employees or get involved in video conferences easily as required. Working with a service provider helps to future proof this way of working and keeps everyone happy as the organisation runs smoothly.

Save Yourself Money

Another benefit of using an AV managed service provider is to reduce the costs for your business so your can focus on other areas that need investment. For example, if you wanted to use a video conferencing manged service provider you would get all the benefits of a state of the art AV setup without the initial big investment of installing your own inhouse system.

A recent study by Cisco found that using an experienced managed service provider can save costs of up to 40% and increase efficiencies by between 50% and 60%.

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