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Lead the Way with Commercial Digital Signage

The lower cost of flat screen technology in recent years means that small and medium businesses can now avail of this platform.


Digital signage is used almost universally in the commercial sector. Its applications there are extremely broad ranging. They can be used throughout shopping centres to alert customers to special deals in particular shops. If a new shop has recently opened, signs can be set up to let customers know that it has opened and what part of the shopping centre it has opened in. In lieu of conventional window displays and signs that are static, costly to buy and have to be replaced when they are no longer valid, a digital sign can be changed regularly with little or no cost and can be animated.


There is still plenty of scope for innovative signage in shops. Supermarkets for instance might use digital signs to display a simple recipe to customers. The sign could then list the ingredients they need along with the aisle numbers where they can find them. They could also be used to display menu ideas for customers thinking of having a dinner party. The digital signage displays could be linked to tills reducing the amount a particular item’s promotion is shown as more of them are bought to allow other items that aren’t selling as well to get more display time.

Wireless networking means that digital signage displays can be placed remotely over a large area and controlled from one single computer without the need for laying down or installing extensive cabling. This minimises the cost of installation while increasing the practicality. For instance, digital signage displays could be installed in difficult to reach areas or out doors where it would be costly to lay down the required cabling.

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