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Interactive whiteboards becoming a common feature of the classroom in Ireland

Interactive whiteboards – also known as Smart Boards – make learning a less passive experience and allow students and teachers to engage with learning content in a way that is visually dynamic, user-friendly and more inclusive for the whole class.

How do interactive whiteboards work?

The board is made up of a large screen, a projector and a connected computer. While this requires more technology than the basic whiteboard and marker pen, many schools these days already contain highly technical learning devices and many students come to school equipped with their own laptop, so making the leap to this new interactive class technology will be seamless for most teachers and students.

The projector beams an image from the computer onto the whiteboard while the teacher controls and changes the image on the screen using a stylus, or even a finger or pen. Graphics tablets may also be used in conjunction with the technology – a portable device which can be passed around the classroom allowing students to interact with the display from their desk.

Irish company Meritec provides SMART interactive whiteboards to Ireland’s schools, colleges and universities. Smart boards are very easy to use and possess great functionality while using the latest innovative software technology.


There is no end to the possibilities of an interactive whiteboard. Just some of the applications include:

• Displaying proprietary software programs from a connected PC or laptop

• Viewing website pages from the internet and interacting with the content

• Capturing and saving text from the whiteboard or graphics tablet

• Using click and drag techniques to save content from the whiteboard

• Translating hand-written notes on the board into text to save on the PC

• Capturing classroom feedback, taking polls or conducting quizzes using the audience response system.

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