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The Importance of Automation in AV and Beyond

Automation in AV



A strong customer support process is a key element in offering a top AV tech customer experience. Through implementing Automation in both AV and IT helpdesks, your workplace can offer customers a superior assistance experience. As well as reducing the time burden placed on teams, it allows you focus on the work that’s really important. This can make a huge difference when it comes to allocating people resources and delivering on UX promises.


The Challenge:

The use of screen sharing, remote participants, unified communications and video conferencing tools have become universal in the world of work. With the ever-growing number of technologies people are using in their day to day work life, so too are growing the number of ways humans can become frustrated in understanding how to use them. When everything is running smoothly with AV – it can be a marvel, for this reason its important to have a trusted partner.


The set up of new technologies be it in office suites, indoor and outdoor displays to name but a few examples are growing in complexity. Although the goal is to make everything as user friendly and intuitive as possible, the need for assistance in starting, stopping or fixing AV equipment will always be required. Artificial and automated intelligence can really come to the rescue in many of these situations.


Automation is The Future


Don’t be the last one to the party… Automation is already happening. Just consider how sensors and IoT can collect data on how people are interacting and using AV and IT equipment every day. You are more than likely already using similar tactics? An effective helpdesk needs to be next and here’s why;


AV and IT are inextricably linked. The current average internal IT help desk receives about 500 support tickets a month. Without the help of automation, many teams spend a massive amount of time on answering questions, upgrading requests and helping when something isn’t working as it should or just isn’t accessible to the end-user. This scenario can be frustrating for all involved.

Automation can provide solutions like internal help portals and self-service password resets, clearing the backlog of requests and allowing your team to focus on other tasks. This offers dual benefits of time saving for your team and it provides you with helpful documented data such as;


  • What technical areas are most challenging for employees?
  • Where is your team spending most of their time?


This is the true power of AI and service desk automation. Take the tedium out of the helpdesk equation by adding automation. It can add more precision and speed to matching the various questions and challenges your helpdesk team faces on a daily basis.


While automation can start at the helpdesk, it certainly doesn’t have to end there. Along with the IoT and other remote monitoring use cases, consider Software as a Service applications as well.


Software-based dashboards are how people are managing their various systems, from lighting to digital signage to conference room monitoring. Automation can help you to manage software subscriptions, upgrades and service calls. This is just another example of how automation can help in allocating resources more effectively and help move your workplace forward.


Automation is here to stay and with the current trends, it will continue to interlink with AV. Have you thought about how automation will affect your work environment going forward? Every industry, and most definitely the AV industry are dealing with the challenges and opportunities of Automation.



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