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How AV Is Transforming Unlikely Industries


AV Integration isn’t only for the Universities, the hospitals and Enterprise-level companies although from the press sometimes it seems like that!  But AV integration can enhance services across all industries and it will transform the way you do things – in the not-too-distant future(!). Whether you run a museum or give mechanical tech support, many unexpected industries have been discovering various AV applications that have changed their businesses for the better! And given the current crisis – the advantages of AV are becoming more and more obvious. Here’s a few applications coming to your neighbourhood….


Order in Court

At first glance, old-style courthouses and the judicial system wouldn’t be your first pick as an environment where you would find good use for AV technology. However, you’d be wrong…


There are so many ways AV can assist and enhance the judicial process. For instance, AV can play a major role in the presentation and storing of evidence. By introducing a more streamlined process for managing this crucial element of the law, it will allow for courtroom caseloads to run more smoothly.


Videoconferencing is another AV integration that can benefit the judicial system. Imagine all the possibilities there are if a courtroom were fully set up with protected video conferencing tools. Remotely located experts can make contributions to cases, testimonies from witnesses who wish to remain out of the courtroom are already easily accommodated and even  arraignment could be done by video, with the defendant held in a more secure location.



Religious Ceremonies

When it comes to spaces where people gather to express their faith, the AV technologies used have always been about enhancing a live experience. Traditionally the main focus has been on audio, but video is becoming increasingly more popular.


Not so long ago it was much harder to access the professional-grade equipment that is available today. The costs involved in rigging up professional lighting and video production equipment is much more affortable than ever before. This opens up a whole new opportunity for high definition live broadcasting.


Many churches have already made creating high resolution, low lag video a high priority. It can be easily done with the help of various AV technologies such as; on-site audio and video equipment for music and other aspects of the service, as well as live-streaming of the sermon from one location to homes or the single or multiple sites where attendees can tune in.


Make it easier for your community to get involved by installing large video displays which can keep them in tune with upcoming events or what to expect next in the service. Video displays have already been introduced into a lot public and commercial spaces and have proven to be a strong means of communication.



Museum Experience

There has never been a better time to start visiting museums, gone are the days of long monologues and snail pace walking… Museums are transforming into more experiential environments bringing the subject matter to live. This is largely thanks to VR and touch interactivity which are both exciting new players in the AV world.


Since it’s safe to assume that most visitors will posses a smart phone, museums can take advantage of this Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment by enhancing the visitor experience with mobile delivery content. This could be anything from a guided tour to interactive trivia, let your imaginations run wild…


In fact right now you can do virtual visits of many leading museums and art galleries – check these out!

Getting Service Right at Fast Service Restaurants

Until the recent closures – take away had never been so easy… Clear and smooth communication through the drive through and even order and pay on a touchscreen kiosk. From start to finish AV technologies have streamlined the fast food industry. So when things get back to normal, it’ll become clear that you don’t have to be in the top 3 food chains to be able to integrate these transformative tools into your place of business. Once you do, you’ll understand why more and more fast-service restaurants are making this the rule rather than the exception.


Although fast service usually means a fast visit that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the sound and video design. New and exciting ways to optimize your customers experience are being seen all over the market. From Interactive playrooms for kids to apps that allow you to order from the comfort of your seat, the possibilities are endless.


Set the right tone by installing audio lines. With balanced lines —positive, negative and ground— you can eliminate external noises like radio frequencies, WiFI, as well as the sound of all of that loud restaurant equipment banging around the kitchen. Drown it all out and let your patrons eat in peace, or with the background music of your choice.


Don’t shy away from the potential AV technologies could offer your business. If you are looking for any further guidance on AV and audio visual installations, then please contact us.