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Growing implementation of digital signs for schools, universities and businesses

Digital signs in schools provide a particular benefit. Rather than disrupting classes with announcements over an intercom system distorted with static and other interference, digital displays provide information in a clear manner and can be updated quickly and as regularly as needed. Digital displays for schools also make using time consuming hand written or fitted message boards unnecessary. The compact energy efficient displays can be easily modified with clear and up to date messages. They are also ideal for fitting in lobby areas of schools where parents collect their children so they can be made aware of upcoming events or other information.

As well as installing digital signs for schools many digital displays are used in universities. They can be used to inform students of changes to schedules and room changes as well as upcoming events and other necessary information such as library closures. The nature of digital signs means that they can easily be controlled from a central location even if a campus is spread out over a large area. Large physical infrastructures are not needed as signs can be updated wirelessly via the internet or local area networks established within the college.

Not only are digital signs for schools and university commonplace, businesses use them widely to advertise special offers, new product lines and a host of different promotional notices to shoppers. The digital sign can save businesses significant costs in the purchase of fabricated signs. New and appropriate signs can be generated easily on a low cost computer within the store which is far less expensive than having a new sign fabricated from materials every time there is a promotion or new product on sale. Shopping centres typically use digital signage more broadly across a centre for a range of purposes. Alerting customers to particular shops that might be having a sale is one use, but there are other less commercial uses that provide useful information to shoppers. If a particular car park is full a sign can display this information automatically. Interactive maps displays can be installed using touch screens that allow shoppers to easily find what they are looking for.

Corporate businesses often use digital signage in their lobbies to display corporate information and promotional videos to clients as they arrive and leave an office. Exhibits at trade shows can use them to very simply and effectively promote a company’s product or service.

Public areas such as train stations and airports typically use digital signs to display departure and arrival times as well as delays and other important information such as security issues. LCD monitor displays are much easier to maintain than older mechanical displays.

Similar use is seen in cinemas where times of screening can be displayed on the same screen as film trailers.

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