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The Future of Video Walls with AV Over IP

video walls

Video walls – with gorgeous images or videos – can be one of the most impactful pieces of technology available to impact an environment.

When you work with AV over IP technology, the flexibility and scalability that can be achieved makes it a truly game changing opportunity for business to engage with their customers and employees in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

With the advances in screen resolution and hardware that allow video walls to be used in all types of weather conditions, with low latency and given the reach of AV over IP – your organisation can now install a video wall almost anywhere.

Endless Possibilities

Without AV over IP, a video wall operates by using a collection of video cards and capture cards and that can turn out to be quite expensive and also a little limited in terms of functionality.

When AV over IP video walls are used, you can start with a standard server in the server room – with the video wall content being delivered over an Ethernet network. You aren’t limited to only one or a few web pages. The switching capabilities in AV over IP are far better and allow for almost endless possibilities in terms of input and output sources.

A video wall is far more than just a regular digital display that’s been super-sized. Rich content is available in a wide variety of formats, shapes and sizes.

Location of Video Walls

You can now choose to mount your video wall in a lot of different locations and pretty much place them anywhere you like. They can be freestanding or mounted onto a fixed wall or other suitable object.

High definition displays can be placed both inside and outside and can be flat, curved, or even wrap around a surface making them extremely versatile.

Beyond the hardware, Av over IP enables your business to get creative and go outside of the limitations of previous generations of video wall technology. AV over IP video walls are also being used in live events to draw in the crowd and make a big impact.

With far fewer limitations on the placement of a video wall, with clarity and definition that is ever expanding and latency times almost zero, AV over IP video walls can deliver the “Wow” factor to your business long into the future.

What Next?

If you want to learn more about how video walls can benefit your business and make a real impact on your marketing activities, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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